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Submissions/AJ Santos AJ Santos Toronto, Ontario, Canada Thanks for all your hard work. The experiences I have gained from your games I have incorporated into my everyday life. Continue with the wonderful hard works! -AJ Santos お疲れ様です!キーのゲームから学んだことを自分の生活に活かしています。素晴らしい作品を作り続けてください!
Submissions/Adam Adam Canada I don't have much to say other than thank you very much for the amazing stories. すごい物語をありがとう、としか言いようがないです。
Submissions/Algazero Algazero Wellington, Florida, USA I just wanted to say to the wonderful people over at Key, Thank you so very much for giving me the chance to enjoy the worlds that you have created whether it be; AIR, Kanon, Clannad, Little Busters, or Tomoyo After. The journeys that you took me through along with the colorful and amazing characters, be it good or bad, has helped keep my head up, always pushing myself forward no matter what handicaps have set me back or how impossible the odds may seem. Through the tears and the laughter, I walk forward holding my head up high, up the long uphill climb to my unknown future that is paved before me. There is no amount of gratitude that I could display toward you all for allowing me to be immersed in the world that you all created.

Thank you so very much for making this person's life more meaningful.

Yours truly, Christian Jarquín

aka Algazero
Submissions/Andrew Manning Andrew Manning Lowville, NY When I originally went to type this I didn't know what to say, but now I do. Thanks for all that you do and keep up the good work YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! (And the music is pretty good by the way.) はじめは何を書こうか迷ったけど、わかりました。ありがとう、これからも頑張ってください、あんたたち最高だぜ!!!(ところで、音楽もかなりいいですね)
Submissions/Anonymous00001 Anonymous Just letting you guys know you are doing a great job and will always have my support and support of my friends in the US. Love to play your games! KEYの作品はすごくて、米国に住んでいる私と友達たちがずっと応援していることを、ただ伝えたいです。KEYのゲームが大好きです!
Submissions/Anonymous165346 Anonymous I have been a fan of Key for as long as I can remember. Through various twists of fate, it has shaped my life through the years; who I am and what I do. Who would have thought that it would have such an impact on people's lives. Key stands among the greats and your work will continue to be loved by future generations. I look forward to what the future holds! 覚えている限りずっとKEYのファンでした。色んな運命のいたずらで、KEYが私の人生を形作りました。自分がどうあるべきか、何をすべきなのかを。人生にそこまでの影響を及ぼすとは誰が想像できるでしょうか。KEYの作品はほかの名作とともに後の世代にも愛され続けるでしょう。これからどうなるのか楽しみです!
Submissions/Anonymous208389 Anonymous California Keep the good work! please allow game to be translated and be able to purchase in the USA これからも頑張ってください! ゲームを英語に訳してアメリカでリリースするようにお願い申し上げます。
Submissions/Anonymous342568 Anonymous342568 Toronto, Ontario, Canada たのしい時にはありがとうございます。 - フランズ・アルテヤ
Submissions/Anonymous42725 Anonymous California Hello from California! Happy 15th Anniversary Key! Thanks for making such wonderful visual novels and stories. My friends and I are really big fans. We're always looking forward to new Key projects. Also, you guys should make more anime shows, because Angel Beats! was awesome. We love you Key!
Submissions/Anonymous449761 Anonymous Belfast, Northern Ireland Key,

I was born the year Kanon was released. Now I am 14,and I love everything you make.

Planetarian was the first visual novel I ever played. I loved it! Thank you for releasing all-ages editions of Kanon, Air, Tomoyo After and Kud Wafter. Now little girls like me can play them too. ~

Your works are always amazing. The music, the art, the story... Everything!

Thank you for releasing an English version of Planetarian. It was released on my birthday and it was the best present I ever received!

I am from Northern Ireland. I loved the references to Irish mythology in Clannad! Thanks to Clannad, Mag Mell is now my favourite myth of all time.

I am playing Rewrite at the minute. Amazing!

Congratulations on reaching 15 years! Please keep making wonderful visual novels forever!








15周年をおめでとうございます! これからもずっと素敵なビジュアルノベルを作って下さい!

Submissions/Anonymous495490 Anonymous Dear key, I'd like to thank you for all the hard work you have done. I really appreciated all your works that i've been able to see or play till now. They were all extremely moving,interesting,funny and captivating i spend hours before the computer unable to look away, in short they were all amazing I sincerely hope to be able to enjoy even more of your game/anime.To this end I'm also trying to learn japanese as to be able to buy and enjoy your games as they were meant to be. I eagerly await your next work and again thank you. Keyへ、 お疲れ様でした。いままで観たアニメやプレイした作品を本当に感謝します。それらの作品はとっても感動的で面白くて魅惑的です。私は長い間ずっとパソコンのモニターから目を離すことが出来ませんでした。要するに、全部すごいです。もっと多くのあなた方の作品を楽しむように心から望んでいます。意図した通りに味わえるように日本語を勉強しています。次の作品を楽しみにしてます。そしてもう一度、ありがとうございます。
Submissions/Anonymous538543 Anonymous Thank you so very much... The Clannad anime changed my life, and I watch the Angel Beats anime over and over. I would watch Clannad over and over, but I cannot bare to experience the sheer emotion that it instils in me every time I watch it, at least not as often as I'd like. You are gods. Thank you again DANGO Kami-sama. ありがとうございます…クラナドのアニメは私の人生を変えました、そしてエンジェルビーツのアニメは何度も何度も観ています。クラナドも繰り返し観たいけど、観るたびに圧倒的すぎる感情を注ぎ込まれることになるので、耐えられません。少なくても、観たい回数観ることはできない。貴方たちは神様です。改めて、ありがとうDANGOの神様。
Submissions/Anonymous611228 Anonymous Philippines Congratulations Key for reaching 15 years of making visual novel fans laugh, cry, or otherwise learn important lessons in life. I'm a big fan of your works, especially Clannad, which has given me a new outlook in life. Hopefully, you can continue to create great visual novels for another 15 years or more. Also, consider making official translations of your games. There's a growing demand for visual novels around the world, so perhaps this would be a good move.
Submissions/Anonymous705295 Anonymous Austria I haven't had the chance yet to play all the games produced by Key but those that I did play, were phenomenal. Be it the stunning visuals, the engaging plot or the melodic soundtrack- Key's visual novels are what one could describe as a masterpiece. And so are the various anime adaptions. I'm grateful for your work, Key staff, and hopefully you will continue to create such great games for a long time. Thank you! KEYのゲームをまだ全部プレイする機会にめぐまれていないけど、プレイしたものは全てものすごくよかったです。驚くべき視覚要素、惹き付けられる物語と流れるようなサウンドトラック・・・KEYのビジュアルノベルは名作と呼ぶに値するものです。アニメ版もしかり。 KEYのスタッフ全員の努力に感謝、そしてこれからもいいゲームを作り続けてくれたら嬉しいです。ありがとう!
Submissions/Anonymous763538 Anonymous Thank you for all your amazing stories and I hope the next 15 years are even better for you. ありがとう。全ての物語が素晴らしいです。次の十五年がもっとよいものになりますように。
Submissions/Anonymous794287 Anonymous Singapore / シンガポール I loved all your works! Whether it was Little Busters!, Angel Beats! or Clannad, I loved them all!

Key's the best! I'm happy that there is Key! I will forever be a fan of Key!

I thank you sincerely from my heart. I thank you for the tears. I thank you for the emotions.

I thank you for the secret of this world.
Submissions/Anonymous85349 Anonymous Australia Clannad changed my life. It helped me to realise what family is, and that I wanted to be a father. It helped me to understand what my purpose in life is. I can't hope to express how influential your works have been to me; all I can say is thank you for the most touching stories I have ever experienced. クラナドは私の人生を変えました。クラナドのおかげで、家族の意味と自分が父になりたかったことに気付いた。生きる目的に気づいた。KEYの作品が私にどれほど影響を及ぼしたのか言葉にできるとはおもえないけど、ただこう言いたい。私にとって一番感動的な物語をありがとう。
Submissions/Anonymous988085 Anonymous Germany Thank you for all the wonderful works you have created! Playing Clannad was the most intense experience in my life. I never cried so much. So many touching moments... After years, Clannad is still the best VN and Anime to me. But all Key stories I know so far are really great. Please continue the great work. ありがとう!全てのKEYの作品が素晴らしいです。クラナドをプレイするのは人生で一番強烈な経験でした。こんなに泣いたのは初めて。感動的な瞬間がいっぱいで…数年経った今でも、クラナドはいまだに私にとって一番のアニメでありビジュアルノベルです。でも今まで私がプレイしたり観た全てのKEYの物語は傑作だとおもいます。 すごい作品を作り続けてください。
Submissions/Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project/Arveene Arveene Just wanted to thank Key for making such wonderful Visual Novels. The art in your games is always great, the music is superb, and the stories are touching. Keep up the great work! こんなに素敵なビジュアルノベルを作ったてくれたKEYに礼を言いたかった。いつも絵は最高、音楽は絶品、かつ物語りは感動的。これからもがんばって!
Submissions/Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project/Aurora Aurora Your Visual Novels never fail to amaze me, even though my japanese isn't great I don't want to miss the magic of your releases. Looking forward to Rewrite and the Angel Beats! anime. Be sure to enjoy yourselves at your 10. birthday. あなたたちのビジュアルノベルはいつも驚くべき。私の日本語はあまりよくないけどその作品の魔法を抜かしたくない。RewriteとAngel Beats!のアニメを楽しみにしてます。十周年を楽しんでください!
Submissions/Axtro Axtro Spain First of all, thank you for creating such good visual novels, Key marked an important stage of my life with kanon, because it was the first anime I saw in Japanese and say that I did change somewhat with little busters to remind the value of my friends and that someone will give you a hand, all this and more, thanks Key. まずは、とても良いビジュアル・ノベルを制作することを有り難うございました。キーのカノンは私の人生に大事な時期を画しました。なぜなら、私は初めて日本語でアニメを見たからです。リトルバスターズ!も私をちょっと変えました。私は友情の大切さと、必要な場合に人が手を差し伸べることを思い出されました。色々有り難うございました。 Lo primero de todo, gracias por crear tan buenas novelas visuales, Key marcó una etapa importante de mi vida con kanon, ya que fue el primer anime que vi en japonés y digamos que me hizo cambiar en cierto sentido con little busters al recordarme el valor de mis amigos y que siempre habrá alguien que te eche una mano, por todo esto y mucho más, gracias Key.
Submissions/Bailey & Jessie Bailey & Jessie Toronto, Ontario, Canada Key,

Thank you so much for your wonderful creations which have affected all of us and touched all of our hearts. Please understand that you have a fan base in the West!

Bailey and Jessie


ベイリー と ジェシー
Submissions/Black Black Germany Thanks to Key from Germany!

Keep up the good work!

Thank for the great Visual Novels!
ドイツからキーにありがとう!お疲れ様! 素敵なビジュアルノベルをありがとう! Ein Dank aus Deutschland an Key!

Gute Arbeit, macht weiter so!

Danke für die tollen Visual Novels!
Submissions/Blitzwing Blitzwing Nagoya, Japan 12 years ago, I first met the snow-covered town with the story of a little miracle. Kanon was the work that inspired me to learn Japanese and later move from Canada to Japan. I'm very thankful for that. Every time it snows, I remember the story of sad girls in snow. Happy 15th Anniversary Key! 12年前、あの「深い雪に覆われた街で語られる小さな奇跡の物語」と初めて出会いました。カノンの感奮のおかげで日本語を勉強してカナダから日本へ引っ越しました。心より感謝いたします。いつも雪が降ってる時に、雪での悲しい少女の物語を思い出します。15周年おめでとうございます! -Blitzwing (カナダから名古屋へ引っ越しました)
Submissions/Bruno Fulco Bruno Fulco Montevideo Thanks Key for the wonderful visual novels that I had the honor to read, thanks and thank you very much, thanks to you I got into the world of anime, the first one I watched was Angel Beats and from the wonderful world of visual novels, the first one I played was Little Busters.

Don't ever change.

Thanks from this little country that is Uruguay to our japanese brothers.


Gracias Key por las maravillosas novelas visuales que tube el honor de haber leido, gracias y mil gracias, gracias a ustedes me adentre en el mundo de los animes, el primero que mire fue Angel Beats y el maravilloso mundo de las novelas visuales, la primera que jugue fue Little Busters

Sigan siempre asi

Agradecimientos desde este pequeño pais que es Uruguay a nuestros hermanos japoneses
Submissions/Canadian Key Fans Canadian Key Fans Toronto, Ontario, Canada Thank you for everything. Your stories have all been truly life changing. We look forward to reading all of your future works. Scott, Anmole, Jason, Ricardo, Wagas
Submissions/Charles Torihpes Charles Torihpes Toronto, Ontario, Canada Thank you for the experiences you have given to us. Please continue the good work. -Charles Torihpes
Submissions/Claudia Cho Claudia Cho Toronto, Ontario, Canada Congrats on 15 years. Keep up your great work and good luck in the future! - Claudia Cho 15周年をおめでとうございます。これからもがんばってください。あなた方の成功を祈っています。 クラウディア・チョー
Submissions/Cloakedboltz Cloakedboltz Canada - Quebec Happy 15th birthday Key!

Kanon made me fell in love with your work. I started systematically reading other work you've done, including Clannad, Planetarian and Little Busters. I'm really looking forward to the anime adaptation of Little Busters and your next visual novel projects.

I'm actually from Quebec, can you believe it? Really, you have fans everywhere.

Happy birthday once again, may the company live long and prosper!

-From a Quebecer Fan







Bonjour? Bon-um-jour?

Joyeux 15ème anniversaire Key!

Étant donné que je suis Québécois, j'ai eu l'opportunité d'apprendre l'anglais et le français, donc je peux me permettre de vous souhaiter un joyeux anniversaire dans deux langues! Malheureusement le japonnais est encore loin de ma portée.

Merci pour toutes les émotions soigneusement emballées dans vos romans visuels!

-Un fan Québécois
Submissions/Connor Connor Colorado Just writing to let you guys know I'm a huge fan. Clannad and Little Busters are my favorites. Your visual novels are some of my favorites, and I hope you keep making them. Happy new year from a fan in the states. 私は大ファンだと伝わるために書きます。クラナドとリトルバスターズは一番気に入り。あなたたちはそのビジュアルノベルを作り続けることを祈ります。アメリカのファンから明けましておめでとう。
Submissions/Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project/Coolham23 Coolham23 I just have to say that even me being in america, I've played quite a few of your games, and plan to buy your anniversary game set. Great job creating all the games you have, my favorite game being Kanon! THANKS A BUNCH! アメリカに住んでるにもかかわらず、あなたたちのゲームの多数のゲームを遊んだ、そして周年記念ゲームセットを買うつもりです。その全てのゲームを作ってお疲れ様。俺にはカノンが最高!すごくありがとう!
Submissions/Ctoaon Ctoaon Philippines I've been a fan of your works from the time I discovered Clannad, watched the trailer of it and fell in love right away. When the series ends, it left me craving for more, which led me to your other works, Air and Kanon. Then years passed and you gave us After story, Angel Beats and Little Busters! You kept giving us epic series that keeps us from wanting for more. Happy 15th Anniversary to all of you! Keep up the good work, coz I'll be waiting for every masterpiece you will going to create ^_^ クラナドを発見して以来ずっと、貴方達の作品のファンでした。予告を見たからすぐにクラナドに好きになりました。そのシリーズを終わった後、私はほしくて溜らなくて、貴方達の他の作品、AirとKanonを見つかりました。その後、年が経って、貴方達がアフターストーリーとAngel Beats!とリトルバスターズ!を下さいました。エピックな大作をいつも下さって、欲しがるになりました。 15周年おめでとうございます!貴方達のこれからの傑作を待っているから、頑張ってください。^_^
Submissions/Czaja Czaja Dear KEY staff,

I just wanted to thank you. I'd love to say it in person, but currently, there's no option ^^'. Your works truly are masterpieces, which changed my point of view and even life, in some ways. I just can't put into words how happy I am that I could enjoy your stories.

You used beautiful music in your VNs. It always makes my mood better and never bores me. Although couple of years have passed, I'm still humming "Dango Daikazoku" sometimes. Dango saikou! ^o^

I'll never forget your magnificent stories. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you! (' ')
KEYのスタッフへ、ただありがとうを言いたいだけです。出来れば、自分自身で言いたいのだが、残念ですが今は出来ないよ ^^’。あなた方の作品は傑作で、私の見地だけではなく人生まで少しを変えました。あなた方の作品を楽しめるのは言葉では表現できないほど嬉しいです。

あなた方のビジュアルノベルは美しい音楽を起用しました。いつも私を元気づけてくれて、つまらないとは一度も思わなかった。もう数年経ったが、今でも時々「だんご大家族」をハミングします。だんご最高! ^o^

こんなに壮大な作品を忘れられません。心の底からありがとうございます。大好きです! (' ')
Submissions/Darijosanatus Darijosanatus I actually found out about anime and visual novels made by Key by mere coincidence, but blessed fate, you hit at the right moment. In an April during a hotter and drier than usual spring, I saw the anime CLANNAD and it’s After Story. I didn’t know anything about this universe, only that I loved it and it made me cry and laugh like no other anime ever had done. I’m still looking for an anime that beats CLANNAD at this. Will your studio be responsible of this deed?

I still can’t forget those very emotional scenes from After Story, there are some happy ones, and other sad ones, but with a very pure emotion which can move even the coldest person in the planet. And yes, I remember very well how that season happened… It’s like the future of those who leave high school and have to urgently look for a job, like, the characters are mature. This contrasts a lot with the first season, where everything was giggles… It hurts to live, but it’s worth fighting for.

Later and again by chance, I found another anime, an adaptation of the visual novel: Kanon (2006). Even though it didn’t move me as much as the previous one, it produced a very big emptiness inside me, thinking about how cruel life is, why do we have such misfortunes…

Since that moment, your works interested me so much, watching, reading, listening everything you want to communicate to me, and you’ve accomplished it. Heh, now I can recognize your content from miles away since you have a very own unmistakable style. Those graphic Bishoujos, that fantasy which can go against you, the supernatural touch to the plot, that comedy to ease the sadness that the work previously produced…

Really, you are jerks for making me feel emotions I had never felt before, breaking like that my coldness and passivity towards situations.

From here I send you this letter to express my greatest thanks to everything your studio has made, for all the moments that you’ve given me. I hope you don’t lower the pace and become superior every time. Thanks again. I’ll continue watching your works with anticipation!!!
Realmente conocí de mera casualidad las adaptaciones al anime de las novelas visuales creadas por Key, pero bendito azar, que bien acertaste en ese momento. En un abril con una primavera demasiada cálida y seca de lo normal, vi el anime de CLANNAD junto a su After History. No sabía nada de este universo, solo que me encantó y me hizo llorar y reír como ningún anime antes había hecho. Aun sigo buscando el anime que supere en esto a CLANNAD ¿Será vuestro estudio el responsable de esta hazaña?...

Aun no puedo olvidar esas escenas tan emocionantes de la After History, unas más alegres, otras más tristes, aunque con un sentimiento tan puro que conmovería hasta a la persona más fría del planeta. Y sí, recuerdo bastante bien como sucedió tal temporada… Es como el futuro de los que salen de la preparatoria y tienen que buscarse urgentemente un trabajo, o sea, hay una madurez en todos los personajes. Esto contrasta de un modo maravilloso con la primera temporada, donde casi todo eran risas…. Duele tanto vivir, pero merece la pena luchar.

Más tarde y apelando de nuevo al azar, me encontré con otro anime, adaptación de novela visual: Kanon (2006). A pesar de no llegarme tan al fondo como la anterior, me produjo un vacío tan inmenso, pensando en lo cruel que es la vida, porque tenemos tales desgracias…

A partir de ese momento, me interesaron muchos vuestras obras, viendo, leyendo, escuchando todo lo que queríais transmitirme, y lo habéis conseguido en parte. Je, ahora puedo reconocer un contenido vuestro a leguas ya que tenéis un estilo propio inconfundible. Esos gráficos bishoujos, esa fantasía que puede volverse en tu contra, el toque sobrenatural a la trama, esa comedia para aliviarte de la tristeza producida anteriormente en la obra….

En serio, sois unos malditos capullos por hacerme sentir emociones que antes no había tenido, rompiendo así mi estado de frialdad y pasividad ante las situaciones.

Desde aquí os mando esta carta para expresar mis más grandes agradecimientos hacia todo vuestro estudio, por todos los momentos que me habéis dado. Espero que no bajéis el ritmo y os superéis cada vez más. Gracias de nuevo. ¡¡¡Seguiré viendo con ilusión vuestras obras!!!
Submissions/Dax Dax Peru - Lima I just would like to say thank Key for creating those wonderful games. Each one of them has been just a pleasure to read it, the last one that I was playing was CLANNAD, just a masterpiece. Thanks a lof or it. Keep on working please. この素晴らしいゲームを作ったことをありがとう、キー。各々を読むのは本当に快楽でした。最近プレイしたのはクラナド。ただの名作でした。それをありがとうございます。働き続けてください。
Submissions/Derick and Shistine Derick and Shistine USA To everyone at Key, congratulations on your 15th anniversary!

My little sister made this ceramic Dango Daikazoku. She and I love Key's works. In particular, we were deeply moved by Clannad.

Key's works will always have a special place in my heart. I look forward to your next ones.

Thank you for everything!

妹はこの陶器のだんご大家族を作った。 妹と私はKeyの作品が大好きです。 特に、私たちはClannadに感動した。

Keyの作品はいつも私の心に特別な場所になります。 次の作品を楽しみにしてます。

Submissions/Derium Derium Finland Thank you for creating such masterpieces as Kanon, Clannad and Little Busters! Enjoying and learning various things from them have changed me a lot as a person. Thank you very much. カノン、クラナドとリットルバスターズみたいな名作を作ってくれてありがとう!その作品から色んなことを楽しんで勉強して、人間として大きく変わりました。 ありがとうございます。
Submissions/Elden Chan Elden Chan Toronto, Ontario, Canada Thank you for your wonderful works. Keep going! あなた方の素晴らしい作品をありがとうございます。頑張れ!
Submissions/Eli Bah Eli Bah Canada I would just like to thank you for the fantastic games your team has made. I hope you have a great many more years of creating wonderful games! あなたたちのチームが作った素敵なゲームに礼を言いたいです。素晴らしいゲーム製作の年月は長年続くことを望みます!
Submissions/Ermitanyo Ermitanyo Philippines Thanks a lot for all the wonderful stories that you've written. They helped me get a different view of the world in one way or another and they kept my sanity during the exam days in college. Thanks a lot. I'll be looking forward to your new releases. -From your fans in the Philippines. 素敵な物語を全部書いてありがとう。そのおかげで私の世界観はいろんな意味で変わって、大学受験のとき正気でいられた。本当にありがとう。新しいリリースを楽しみにしてます ―フィリピンのキーファン達から
Submissions/Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project/Fadzreeq Fadzreeq Key-san... Thank you for your beautiful art and story...I never feel so sad and emotional before, but after I watch Clannad, my tears flowing down to my cheek like a's so beautiful, yet so harmony~ キーさん… 美しいアートと物語をありがとう…クラナドを見たとき、涙が川のように流れました。そんな強い悲しさを感じたのは始めて…美しすぎて、けどすごく平和~
Submissions/Francisco Perdigão Francisco Perdigão Portugal I just can't express my joy for having found a company like Key,everything they produce is pure gold for me!Ever since I got interested in Visual Novels and Hisgschool Dramas,the works made by Key have changed me and made me cry and feel more than I have ever had in my whole life.So,as a Portuguese fan of Key,I just want to thank them for changing me and making me the person I am today. キーみたいな会社を見つけた喜びをうまく表現できない。キーが生み出す全ては貴重品です。ビジュアルノベルは高校ドラマに興味が付いた時からキーの作品は人生の何よりも私を変わって、泣かせて、そして感じさせた。だから、ポルトガル人のキーファンとして、私を今の私へ導いてくれてありがとうございます。
Submissions/Fredrik Fredrik Sweden, Sala Congratulations on 15 years! And thanks for all the great moments that I have experienced with Clannad, Kanon, Angel Beats! and Little Busters!

Clannad made ​​me fall in love with your work and I've been a fan ever since.

As I've never played your games (yet), I have only seen your anime adaptations, in particular Clannad, Kanon (2006) and Angel Beats! has a special place in my heart.

I wish everyone at Key, past, present the best and good luck in the future.

Best regards from a Swedish fan

15周年おめでとうございます!そして、クラナド、Kanon、Angel Beats!、リトルバスターズ!で体験した素敵な思い出をありがとうございます!


まだKeyのゲームをやったことがないので、アニメ版しか見ませんでした。特にクラナドとKanon(2006)とAngel Beats!は私の心の特別な場所を占めています。


敬具 スウェーデン人のファン

Grattis till 15 år! Och tack för alla fantastiska ögonblick som jag har upplevt med Clannad, Kanon, Angel Beats! och Little Busters!

Clannad fick mig att bli kär i ert arbete och jag har varit ett fan sedan dess.

Eftersom jag aldrig har spelat era spel (ännu), har jag bara sett era anime anpassningar, särskilt Clannad, Kanon (2006) och Beats Angel! har en speciell plats i mitt hjärta.

Jag önskar alla på Key, dåtid, nutid det bästa och lycka till i framtiden.

Hälsningar från ett Svenskt fan

Submissions/Gau-ka Gau-ka Kazakhstan Hello, Key!

Congratulations on your 15th anniversary! I am from Kazakhstan, and I absolutely love your works! All of them are so touching, dramatic and heart-warming. Those brought so much tears to my eyes. My favorite is CLANNAD. It will always be the best anime and visual novel for me! I am very grateful to you! Although my drawings aren`t the best, I hope you will like it.

Thank you for everything, Key!
こんにちは、キーのみんな!十五記念日におめでとうございます。私はカザフスタンです。キーの作品が本当に大好きです。全部の作品は感動的、劇的、ハートフルです。私を泣かせました。クラナドは私の一番好きな作品です。私にとってクラナドはずっと最高なVNとアニメであります。本当に有り難う。私の絵がちょっと下手のくせに、楽しんでください。 有り難う、キー!
Submissions/Ghallow Ghallow Finland I want to thank the staff of Key and Visual Art's and everyone who helped you. The games you make have an extraordinary feel to them and they bring out so many emotions out of me, be it sadness, happiness, the list goes on. Particularly Okazaki & Sunohara combo is true gold in comedy value, so I drew them. I hope a great year 2013 for you and atleast another 15 years of success (poor Sunohara and his head at your 30th anniversary)!
Submissions/Golden Kaizer Golden_Kaizer Indonesia I would like to say thank you very much and happy 15th anniversary Key. I've played Rewrite and Little Busters! and watched Clannad and Angel Beats. All of your works are very impressive. I love your story and the music also. All of your story have a very deep meaning and very touching for me. They're giving me tears, hope, and also spirits. They help me through my crazy days in high school and college. I'm also trying to learn japan language so that I can play more visual novel and watched more anime. I'm waiting for more of your amazing works, be it anime or visual novel. From your fan in Bandung, Indonesia ありがとうございます、そして、15周年おめでとうございます。私はRewriteとリトルバスターズ!をやって、クラナドとAngel Beats!を見ました。貴方達のすべての作品はすごく素晴らしいです。ストーリーと音楽も好きです。私にとって、貴方達の作品のストーリーは全部深い意味があって、とっても感動的です。私に泣かせて、希望を与えて、そして、元気をつけました。そんな作品は私のいかれた高校生活と大学生活が終わった前に、助かりました。


Submissions/Hitori Tomoyo Hitori Tomoyo Toronto, Ontario, Canada Thank you for everything that you have shared with me.

Thank you for showing me how to truly live and love life. Thank you. <3

- Hitori Tomoyo

私に人生の生き方と愛する方法を教えて下さってありがとうございます。 ありがとう。 <3

- Hitori Tomoyo
Submissions/Hugo Hugo Paraguay Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary. I just want to say thanks for giving me many memorable moments while reading and watching some of your works. Some like Little Busters reminded me the value of friendship, some like Clannad the importance of family, Tomoyo After made me believe that true happiness exists in this world; they improved my view of life and mankind. So again, thanks and keep up making those memorable stories. 十五周年おめでとう。あなたたちの作品を見るや読む時の多くの印象的な場面をありがとう。リットルバスターズは友情な価値を覚えさせました。クラナドは家族の大切さを教えました。智代アフターは本当の幸せが世に存在すると信じさせました。私の人生観と人類観を向上させました。 だからまたありがとう、そしてその印象的な物語を作り続けてください。
Submissions/Iniser Iniser Canada Through the passage of time, many people forget of the value of living. Your works serves as a reminder of the important parts of life. These stories alleviate the pain that frequently occurs in life by giving people something to treasure and trust.

Daily life is filled with unrecognized happiness. Planetarian taught to treasure human interaction found every day. Clannad told of the importance of family. The family is inseparable and invaluable. Little Busters was about the unbreakable bonds of friendship. Friends will save each other in times of need. Your newest work, Rewrite, was a beautiful tale about struggling to live the best of one’s ability. There is value to be found in struggling to live a hopeless life.

These are merely some of the countless messages told in some of your stories. The wondrous part of your stories is that there can be multiple different interpretations. A different person with different experiences will view a story differently. Opinions will always differ. That is the wonder of good storytelling.

Personally, I found Rewrite to be the most profound of your works. It was significantly different from your previous works in the story, characters, drama, and theme. Kotarou was a very interesting character and his internal conflicts in Terra were very thought provoking.

In 15 years, you have continued to develop great games. Please continue to create wonderful stories. All the best of luck for your next work!




Submissions/Jeremy Wright Jeremy Wright MA, United States of America I haven't much to say as your work has influenced me in too many ways to document them all within this message. What you have represented in each of the series you've put out (regardless of the media format) is the essence of the human heart. I must both commend you and thank you for your efforts. I do not possess the descriptive capabilities to explain to you how your work has improved and enriched my life, and will not even attempt to do so. Know that with every fiber of my being I wish all of you the greatest in all of your future endeavors. Thank you so much. Jeremy 口にすることはあんまりありません。だってあなたがたの作品は私の人生のあらゆることに影響を及ばした。それは数多くなのでここには書き下ろせないのです。


Submissions/Jimmy Ye Jimmy Ye Toronto, Ontario, Canada Key is my greatest motivation of success. May Key live on further and strong. Believe in miracles. -Jimmy Ye- Keyは私の最大の成功のモチベーションです。Keyがこれからも長い間に強くて生き続けるように祈ってます。奇跡に信じるように。 ジミー・イェ
Submissions/John H John H New Jersey, USA Planetarian made me cry, thank you for making such a moving work! プラネタリアンは私を泣かせた。そんな感動的な作品を作ってありがとう!
Submissions/Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project/Jyuichi Jyuichi Thanks for making such wonderful stories. While reading Japanese is very hard for me I enjoy your games very much. I'm looking forward to Rewrite!

Congratulations on 10 years of great work!

I can't draw but I can kind of sew. ^^;


Submissions/Kal Kal Costa Rica I just want to thank everyone at Key for the great stories and worlds they have presented to us. They have made me laugh, cry, stand up from my chair, scream at my screen, everything that just pulls you into that wonderful world. It has been an amazing ride so far, and I'm sure it's not over yet, so thank you! 素敵な物語と世界をありがとう。与えられたキーの皆さんに礼を言いたい。私を笑わせた。泣かせた。椅子から立たせて画面へ叫ばせた。全てはその素敵な世界に引き込ませる。今まで信じられないたびでしたけど、きっとまだ終わっていません、だからありがとう!
Submissions/Kenji Kenji Finland お疲れ様でした どうもありがとうございました! Hyvää työtä! Kiitos siitä paljon!
Submissions/Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project/Kiri Kiri KEY十周年おめでとうございます
Submissions/Kou Kou Happy 15th Key! I was introduced to you through the AIR anime and it resonated with my strongly even though I was very young at the time. Over the last nearly 8 years since then, with Kanon, Clannad, and the Little Busters! visual novel, you have constantly taught and reminded me about what's really valuable in life. The power in your stories is amazing. Your music is also very powerful. I can't wait for the future with KEY! 十五周年おめでとう、キー!初めて知ったのはエアーのアニメで、そのとき幼かったけど強く共鳴しました。それから八年近くの間、カノンとクラナドとリットルバスターズからしょっちゅう何が本当に大事なのか教われて思い出させてきた。あなたたちの物語に凄い力が秘めています。音楽も力強い。KEYの未来を楽しみに!
Submissions/Kyouhei302 Kyouhei302 Colombia Hola que tal.

El motivo de este mensaje, es para expresar, todo lo que siento hacia ustedes en una sola palabra.


Gracias por haber creado esas maravillosas historias, llenas de color, risas, tritezas y crueldades, que tocan temas desde la familia, hasta la amistad en sus estados mas puros. Gracias por haber creado esas maravillosas heroinas, desde las mas alegres y con un corazón dulce, hasta las mas misteriosas y cariñosas. Gracias por haber cambiado mi forma de ver la vida por medio de sus trabajos, realmente me ayudaron con eso. Gracias por la maravillosa música que acompañaba sus historias, sencillamente, un delicia para mis oidos. Gracias por muchas cosas, pero que me tomaria una eternidad para decirlos todos.

Espero seguir leyendo mas de sus historias(si Dios quiere), porque un grupo como ustedes, hay pocos.

Saludos desde la tierra del café.

Dios los bendiga.
Submissions/Luchi Luchi Poland I'm Polish fan of Key titles especially Kanon. I love winter nostalgic atmosphere with warm romance like Ayu's tayaki. I would like say thank you for us works.I very admit to Jun Maeda-san. He created very wonderful stories. 私はポーランド人で、特にKanonが好きなKey作品のファンです。あゆのたい焼きのような暖かい恋愛物がある、懐かしい冬の雰囲気が好きです。 作品を作ってくれてありがとうございます。私は麻枝准さんを尊敬しています。素敵な物語をたくさん作ったからです。
Submissions/Martin Lui Martin Lui Toronto, Ontario, Canada I learned so many KEY things from your wonderful visual novels! あなた方のビジュアルノベルからKeyのことをいっぱい知ってた!
Submissions/Matías Locatti Matías Locatti Lago Puelo, Argentina To Key: Here in my country things aren't going "smooth", you sometimes ask yourself if humanity is getting better of worst with the passing of time. Is your works that let's me carry on every day, knowing humanity CAN be better.

Please consider selling your work in other countries, you will be surprised by the reception you're going to get.

Thank you very much.


Submissions/Meneldal Meneldal France Key,

I'd like to begin by thanking you for all the works you've made. They've been a life changing experience for me. When I first began watching anime, I didn't watch a lot of drama and romance, because I think I wanted to avoid the sadness that they often inspire. At a time in my life when I was really depressed, I found myself watching a lot more anime, because I didn't have the motivation to do anything else, and that was when I discovered Kanon (2006). I found myself in shock, because I'd never expected to enjoy it, but it was nice to cry tears for what I was watching, rather than for the life I hated so much, and because Key's stories hold as much happiness as they do sadness, after watching it, I felt so much better. A few weeks later I watched Clannad, followed closely by After Story, and it was an even more tear jerking experience than Kanon, but after watching it, I felt like I had a little hope, and managed to drag myself out of my depression. After that, I continued to watch and enjoy Key's works whenever I felt down, and I began playing the Clannad VN. To this day, I haven't found the time to complete the VN, but now I'm saving it for moment of depression in the future.

Thank you so much, Key, for giving me back my hope, when living seemed pointless. I don't know what would have happened to me if I'd never come across your works, but I'm certain that I am the better for experiencing them.
Submissions/ModokiMokonaTRC ModokiMokonaTRC Philippines Thanks a lot! :) Here's a fan art of Ushio Okazaki. ありがとうございます! :) これはうしお岡崎のファンアートです。
Submissions/N.A.T.S.U. N.A.T.S.U. Croatia Thanks allot for all of your works, I really appreciate all the work you have put into your projects~ Your stories have taught me much about life and how to respect it, to look at things from a different angle~ Key has made a change in my life and has impacted my life too~

I would like to encourage you to keep doing more works because all of em are worth it and special~

Thank you Key and Thank you everyone who worked on these Projects for everything that you have done~

With lots of Love, Alen~ ^^




Alen ^^
Submissions/Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project/Namakemono-chan Namakemono-chan Thank you for making Clannad. I don't think any other show I've seen has ever given me such chills. Clannad is just beautiful raw emotion with a cast of colorful, memorable characters, and I'm so glad I had the chance to watch it. Key10周年おめでとうございます!! クラナドを作ってくれてありがとうございます。これ以上ビックリさせたアニメはありません。クラナドは美しくて、忘れられないカラフルなキャストがあります。本当に見てよかった。


Submissions/Nani Nani Finland Hello! I come from Finland and I love Clannad. It's my favorite. Kotomi, Fuko, Sunohara and Ushio are the best. Thanks alot for making Clannad! どうも!私はクラナドを愛するフィンランド人です。一番気に入り。ことみ、風子、陽平と汐は最高。クラナドを作ってくれてありがとう! Hei! Tulen Suomesta ja rakastan Clannadia. Se on suosikkini. Kotomi, Fuko, Sunohara ja Ushio ovat parhaita. Suurkiitos Clannadin luomisesta!
Submissions/Nayto Nayto France Hi Key, i write this message to thank you for all you work during all these years; thanks for Clannad, which is my favorite Visual Novel and anime among all the others, a really wonderful anime. I hope you will continue your work and create games and anime like this; thank you ! キー全員へこんにちは。この十五年で作ったものに対して礼を言いたかった。例えばクラナド、カノンとエアーは見事に実現できたアニメです。夢見させて、泣かせて、笑顔浮かばせて、笑わせるような作品を作ってありがとう。まだ長く続くと希望します。またありがとう! Bonjour à toute l'équipe de Key, je tiens à vous remercier pour toutes les choses que vous avez crée durant ces années, comme Clannad, Kanon, ou encore Air, qui sont 3 animés réellement magnifiques, émouvants, et superbement bien réalisés.

Merci de créer toujours plus de choses qui nous font rêver et pleurer, mais également sourire, et même rire; j'espère que cela continuera pendant encore des années.

Merci encore !
Submissions/Nejmez Nejmez Poland, Warsaw Dear Key, Thanks to the novels You make, especially Clannad, I have started to see what is important in life. They brought me strong emotions and changed my point of view on certain things. For all that I would like to thank You and wish all the best. Let the next 15 years be even more successful and full of such wonderful productions. キーへ、 あなたたちのノベルのおかげで、特にクラナド、私は何が大事なのかを見始めました。強い感情を与えた。あることに新しい視点をくれた。そのすべてをありがとう。次の十五年がもっと成功と素敵な製作で満ちるように
Submissions/Nelson Y. Nelson Y. Toronto, Ontario, Canada Thank you for all the stories and emotions you've given to your fans, not only in Japan but also worldwide! 日本と世界中のファンの私達が頂いた物語と感情を本当にありがとうございました!
Submissions/Neobowman Neobowman Toronto, Canada Clannad was one of the first few anime series I stumbled onto, excluding the more mainstream series in the west. I enjoyed the first season and when I watched the second season, I can say it is the only time I have been moved to tears by any form of media. I've watched Air, Kanon, Clannad, Angel Beats, and I've played through the visual novels of Clannad, Planetarian, and Little Busters. I eagerly look forward to the translation of Rewrite. I'm following the Little Busters anime series and while I doubt it can live up to the stunning original, I'm looking forward to how it proceeds. Thank you for the memories, the tears, the joy and please continue creating your beautiful products. クラナドは、海外で広がった主流的なシリーズを除いて、私が最初に見つけたアニメでした。第一シーズンを楽しんだ後、第二シーズンを見ました。どんな媒体でも、これは初めて私を泣かせた作品です。私はAirとKanonとクラナドとAngel Beats!のアニメ版を見て、クラナドとplanetarianとリトルバスターズ!のゲーム版をプレイしました。私はRewriteの英語版を楽しみにしてます。原作ほどの良い作品だと思わないですが、リトルバスターズ!のアニメを見ていて、続きを楽しみにしています。私達にくれた思い出や涙や喜びをありがとうございます。これからも同じく美しい作品を作って下さい。
Submissions/Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project/Nugrahadi Nugrahadi ALL of your story had been very inspirational for me. until i decided to make Visual Novel on my own. i dont know if my work can ever be compared to Key's, but i'll work hard for that! once again THANK YOU KEY and CONGRATULATIONS! あなたたちの物語は全部霊感を与えた。自分でビジュアルノベルをいつか作るつもりだけど、あなたたちの成果の比べ物になれるかわからない。でも頑張ります! もう一度、ありがとうとおめでとう!
Submissions/OTC7 OTC7 Portugal Hi! My name is Guilherme Seabra, I'm 18 and I'm from Portugal. I would like to thank each and every single one of you in KEY. You have changed the way I look at things just by making the VNs and the Anime series. I started watching anime last year and the first series I watched was "AngelBeats!", which was indeed awesome and really got me into your (Key's) work. After that I watched Clannad, Air and Kanon.

I always thought that love was something too corrupt these days because all I see is people getting into relationships without loving their partner... All your animes have changed my opinion on that matter. You gave me hope, you gave me a goal to fight for... I want to patiently wait for the girl that will love me the same way I will love her.

Thank you for giving me hope for the future and thank you for showing me that what's important is the people who care about you. I cannot thank you enough, you've had such a great impact on my life that I just can't... THANK YOU.

I hope you continue to make such beautiful animes that will inspire the world.

Thank you, once again.

- Guilherme Seabra
Submissions/OtakuMage Brian Speakman California USA To: All Key Visual Arts staff

Thank you for all the wonderful and touching stories over the years. I look forward to whatever you may produce in the future, as do many others around the world. 本当にアメリカからどうもありがとうございました

Sincerely, Brian Speakman

全部の素晴らしく感動的な物語をありがとう。これから生み出す作品が何であっても期待します、多くの世界中の人のように。 本当にアメリカからどうもありがとうございました

Submissions/Pepe Maglutac Pepe Maglutac Philippines I have been a fan of Key since 2005, ever since I watched the second Kanon tv animation and I would just like to thank Key for giving me these wonderful stories about life, love, family, friendship, and the world. These stories have helped me understand myself and others and have made my life more colorful. I would also like to thank them for the wonderful music that has accompanied their visual novels which has made me laugh, cry and feel numerous emotions while I listened to them. I cannot thank Key enough for what they have provided for the people not only in Japan but in the whole world as well. ありがとうございます 2005年、京アニ版Kanonのテレビアニメを見てからずっとKeyのファンでした。私に人生、恋愛、友情、そして世界、色々なものに触れた素敵な物語をくれたKeyに、ただ、ありがとうを言いたいです。これらの物語は私に自分や他の人を分からせて、私の人生をもっとカラフルに変えました。そして、ビジュアルノベルに伴う美しい音楽もありがとうございます。聞いてる時、それが私を笑わせて、泣かせて、そして、色々な感情を感じさせます。 Keyは日本人だけにではなく、世界中の人々に色々をあげました。本当に感謝のしようもありません。ありがとうございます。
Submissions/Peter W. Peter W. Toronto, Ontario, Canada Key has helped me grow and changed my life. Thanks! Keyは私を成長させて、私の人生を変えました。ありがとう!
Submissions/Popcorn0908090809 Popcorn0908090809 I just wanted to thank you guys for the awesome work you do.The way your games use sadness makes them so much better than most.very few games make a character believeable enough to make me cry. Again I thank you. 素晴らしい作品のためあなたたちに礼を言いたかった。そのゲームの悲しさの使い方は無比。極まれのゲームは私を泣かせるほど人間らしいキャラを作れる。またありがとう。
Submissions/Prettyswirls42 Prettyswirls42 New York Thank you Key for your great works! I hope that more amazing stories will be born in the future! いつも素敵な作品をありがとう!次も首を長くして待っています!
Submissions/Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project/PyrrhusOnline PyrrhusOnline Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary over at KEY! I especially appreciate all of the visual novels you've made, and the cooperation with studios such as Kyoto Animation with turning those visual novels into stunningly animated shows! Keep up the good work! キーの十周年をおめでとう!あなたたちが作ったビジュアルノベルは特にありがたい、その上に京都アニメーションと協力してそのビジュアルノベルを呆然とさせるくらいよくアニメ化した番組を作った!お疲れ様!
Submissions/Raven Raven Australia You guys create the best tear-jearker stories ever~!

Clannad and Angel Beats became one of my most favorite series of all time. The emotional feelings you give to the audience is something that cannot be explained in words! It is, without a doubt, a masterpiece that us recommended to anyone looking for such a romantic emotional story.

Thank you very much for your hard work! Good luck to you next projects!
あなたたちの作った泣きゲーは最高!クラナドとエンジェルビーツは私が見た限り名作といっても言い。視聴者にくれる感情は言葉で説明できない!間違いなく力作で、私たちはいつも感情的なロマンチックな物語を探してる者に薦めています。 ご苦労様!次の製作に頑張れ!
Submissions/Rawrrawr45 Rawrrawr45 Thank you for all of your hard work! I really enjoy all of Key's works and look forward to more great heroines, stories, and adventures in the future~ (Anego from Little Busters! and Tomoyo from Clannad are the best!) お疲れ様です!全部のキー作品は本当に楽しむ、そして未来にもっといいヘロイン、物語と冒険を期待します~(LBの姉御とクラナドの智代は最高!)
Submissions/ReasonDesu ReasonDesu To Key. Thanks for the many manly tears that have been shed and heartwarming moments given to me by many of your virtual novels and anime adaptions. Clannad After Story was what gave me a great respect for you as studio, I hope you continue to bring us these wonders for many years to come, there isn't another studio like you. Happy Holidays from the UK. キーへ。あなたたちのビジュアルノベルとアニメ版の多くは私に心温まる場面をくれて男涙を流させたのでありがとうございます。クラナドアフターストリーは私をあなたたちをスタジオとして本気で尊敬させた。こういう奇跡的な作品をこれから長い年月に作って続けると願いたい。あなたたちみたいなスタジオは他にありません。 UKから良き休暇を
Submissions/Revolver Ocelot Australia Keyへ、

ぼくはKeyのアニメを見ることが大好きです。だから、本当にありがとうございます!そして、十五年おめでとう!Keyのアニメを見ながら、ぼくはすごくうれしいです。ぼくが一番好きなアニメはきっとクラナドですが、ぜんぶのKeyのアニメやビジュアルノベルなどが大好きです。とてもえらくて、すごくすばらしいことだと思います。 そして、麻枝准先生の話はぼくに楽しまれています。とくに、ぼくはエンジェルビーツ!とクラなどを見ることが大好きです。 本当にありがとうございます。一番すごいアニメを作ってくれてありがとう!Keyのみなさんはぜったいりっぱ人ですよ。いっしょうけんめいがんばってね!

Submissions/RinShin RinShin Indonesia The story on your Visual Novels are simply astonishing. They never fail to amaze me, I'd say it's one of your trademark. Keep up the good work, and good luck for your future projects~ KEY最高! あなたたちのビジュアルノベルの物語はただすばらしい。いつも驚かせる。あなたたちのトレードマークと想う。お疲れ様、そして今後の作品にも頑張って~ KEY最高!
Submissions/Rio Hardesty A.K.A. 井隼理央 Rio Hardesty A.K.A. 井隼理央 United States Congratulations of your 15th Anniversary! Thank you so much for letting me read such beautiful tales! It's not done very well, but, I tried making you a piece of fan art. I wanted to capture the idea that, even separated by time and distance, people can enjoy the same sights and dreams. I've seen the anime Clannad, read Little Busters! on the ps2, and read Planetarian on the Iphone. I felt many powerful emotions while reading these tales. Both happy feelings and sad feelings. To me, it wan an important, unforgettable experience you gave me. I'll be looking forward to more of your works from now on! I'll be rooting for you from California! 15年記念日おめでとうございます! すてきな物語をいっぱい読ませて、本当にありがとう!へたですけど、少しフアンアートを描いてみました。 伝えたかったメセージは、「たとえ時間と距離ではなれても、人が同じ景色と夢を見れる。」僕は、カリフォニアに住んでいるけど、クラナドのアニメを見て、ps2でリトルバスターズを読んで、iphoneでプラネタリアンも読みました。 その物語を読んでいる旅に、とても強い思いを感じました。嬉しい気持ちも、悲しい気持ちも、いっぱい感じました。僕にとって、とても大切な、ぜったいに忘れない経験ができました。これからも、素敵な物語を楽しんでいます!カリフォニアからずっと応援しています!
Submissions/Rokudaime Rokudaime Norway Dear Key,

I would like to thank you for making such wonderful visual novels, I am a big fan! I hope you will consider making English localizations of your games for us here in the West in the future; I would buy a copy of all your games if you did. Either way, I wish you all the best of luck with the future, and I hope you continue to make such great games! ^^

Best Regards,



Submissions/Sam M. Sam M. North Carolina, USA Clannad is by far the most emotionally charged work I've ever experienced. The anime is the only show I've watched that made me cry like a child. I really, truly appreciate the work you all do. 私が経験したなかでは、クラナドははるかに一番感情に満ちた作品です。そのアニメは唯一私を子供のように泣かせた番組です。あなたたちの作品を本当に、本気で有難く想っています。
Submissions/Sasha Sasha New York, United States Hi, I would just like to say thank you to Key for making stories that touch our hearts and make us cry tears of joy throughout all of these years, it has really been a pleasure to read and watch all of your visual novels/animes. Please continue with your great achievements! どうも。長年私たちの心を動かせてうれし泣かせる物語を作ってくれてありがとうございます。あなたたちの全てのビジュアルノベルとアニメを読む、見るのは本当に快楽でした。その功績を続けてください!
Submissions/Shagg Shagg Finland No game, book, film or series has made me go from laughing to crying to heart warming joy the same way as your work. As such I want to thank both the staff of Key and Visual Art's and everyone who helped you to create your games from the bottom of my heart. I wish you another 15 years of success! Thank you! あなたたちの作品のように笑いから涙から喜びへと移されるゲーム、本や映画はありません。だからキーとビジュアルアーツの職員そしてゲームの製作に協力したみんなに礼を言いたい。また十五年の成功を祈ります!ありがとう!
Submissions/Shi Yi Shi Yi Singapore Thanks for all the wonderful VNs you've created! I really enjoyed the hours spent in front of my computer just immersed in your VNs. I really appreciate the effort put in by you guys to make such wonderful, emotionally touching stories. The first VN I ever read was Clannad, and it was a VN that deeply touched me. I never thought that I could cry over stories, but Clannad, as well as the other VNs like Little Busters, Kanon etc have proved me wrong again and again. I've laughed, cried, felt so many different emotions when reading your VNs. It's this mixture of feelings which your VNs bring to me which make me time and time again seek out your works. Hope to see you keeping this good work up in the future! Happy 15th Anniversary! I'm really proud to be a Key fan! わふ~ \(^_^) 君たちが作ってくれた美しいビジュアルノベルをありがとう! パソコンの前で長い間に君たちのゲームに没頭しました。君たちがこんなに美して感動的な物語を作る努力に本当に感謝します。クラナドは私が初めて読んだビジュアルノベルで、私をとっても感動したゲームです。お話で泣くのは思わなかった。だがクラナド、そしてリトルバスターズ!とKanonも、私のこの間違いを繰り返して校正しました。君たちのゲームをやってる間に笑ったり、泣いたり、そして、色んな感情を感じたりしました。君たちの作品がくれた複数の感情のおかげで、私は何度も何度も君たちの作品を探しました。これからもこの調子で頑張ってください!15周年おめでとう!Keyファンでいていつも自慢しています! わふ~ \(^_^)
Submissions/Sme0w Sme0w Canada Super thanks, Key! Been loving Rewrite, so I painted a little something.
Submissions/Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project/Southrop Southrop Thank you very much for creating such lovely visual novels, KEY! I'm really grateful for the work that you put into making them. I'm really looking forward to playing Rewrite and Angel Beats! 本当にありがとうございました! そんなに素敵なビジュアルノベルを作ってありがとう、キー!あなたたちのご苦労は本当に有難い。リライトとエンジェル ビーツを遊ぶのを楽しみにしています! 本当にありがとうございました!
Submissions/TCF TCF Australia Dear Key I would like to thank you for providing such great works. キーへ そんなに素晴らしい作品を作ったことの礼を言いたいです。ありがとうございます。
Submissions/Team Fluffy Phlebas Team Fluffy is proud to support the Key 15th Letter Project

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to Key/Visual Art's and their talented artists for the years of wonderful and moving games they have let us experience. There are countless fans of your works all around the world, and we hope perhaps one day we can see your major works localized into English and other languages as well.

Should you ever desire to release Little Busters! in English, our team is ready to assist.

Little Busters are forever!
Submissions/Veronika (Angelmewkaro) Veronika (Angelmewkaro) Russia I really like key`s anime and visual novels ! Keyのアニメとビジュアルノベルが大好きです!
Submissions/Vile Vile Finland Thank you for all games! 全てのゲームありがとう!
Submissions/Wingzxx Wingzxx USA I love your anime and hope to be a big part of creating wonderful stories like yours one day!! Clannad and Angel beats were the shows that got me into anime to begin with and now I'm following your newest anime Little Busters! Keep up the good work! あなたたちのアニメは大好きそしていつか同じような素敵な物語を作りたい!クラナドとエンジェルビーツは私をアニメに取り込んだ。今はリトルバスターズのアニメを見ています!お疲れ様!
Submissions/YKuN YKuN I will say only one thing….. Thanks; thanks for doing such beautiful stories. Thanks to the work of the non-profit translation teams, I was able to read almost all of your stories, which moved me in a unique way.

I couldn’t describe with words the feelings that these stories aroused on me: Clannad, Little Busters! Planetarian, Air, Kanon and Rewrite, almost all of them made me cry my heart out, something that the rest of the fiction couldn’t do. The style of your VNs, the world where you put them, a world ruled by other norms than the human world, is what I love. The main characters always go through a tragedy, the loss of a loved one, the search of ideals or hope, but instead of giving up like any other human would do, your characters keep fighting, fighting for that loved one, for that ideal, for that hope, and their world reward them, granting a miracle out of pure human conviction, something that sadly, doesn’t happen in our world. Anyway, I just want to wish you good luck and let you know that your stories are reaching even the most distant corner of the world, keep up the good work!, I’m willing to read your stories until the end of my life! Greetings

ただ一言を言いたい…ありがとう。美しい物語を作ってありがとう。非営利の翻訳チームのおかげであなたたちの物語のほとんどを読めました。唯一な方法で私を感動しました。突き動かした感情を言葉で表現できません。クラナド、リットルバスターズ!、プラネタリアン、エアー、カノン、リライト、ほとんどすべては他の架空と違って私を心の底から泣かせました。大好きなのはそのビジュアルノベルのスタイル、つまり世界設定では現実世界と違うルールで制限されています。主人公たちはいつも悲劇を経験するや愛する人を失うや理想や希望を探すようなことをして、他の人間のように諦めないで戦い続けて、その愛する人や理想や希望のために戦って、そして世界はそれを報って、純粋な人間の信念で奇跡を起こします。残念なことに、現実で起こらないこと。とにかく、世界の一番遠いところまで届いてると伝えたかっただけです。頑張ってください!命が果てるまであなたたちの物語を読みたいです!よろしく Sólo puedo decirles una cosa… gracias. Gracias por hacer tan maravillosas historias. Gracias al trabajo de grupos sin ánimos de lucro, he podido leer casi todas sus historias, las cuales, me han conmovido de una manera única.

No podría describir con simples palabras (y no es una exageración) lo que sus historias despiertan en mí: Clannad, Little Busters!, Planetarian, Air, Kanon y Rewrite, casi todas ellas me hicieron llorar hasta la última de mis lágrimas, cosa que ninguna otra obra de ficción me había hecho hacer. El estilo de sus novelas, el mundo en el que las crean, ese mundo que está regido por otras reglas a las del mundo humano, es lo que amo. Los protagonistas siempre sufren alguna tragedia, la perdida de algún ser querido, la búsqueda de ideales o esperanza, pero en lugar de rendirse por lo que más aman y seguir adelante como cualquier humano haría, los personajes de sus historias siguen luchando, luchando por recuperar a ese ser querido, por encontrar ese ideal, y su mundo los recompensa por no rendirse y les concede un milagro hecho sólo por el poder de la convicción humana, algo que tristemente no existe en nuestro mundo. En fin, sólo quiero desearles buena suerte y hacerles saber que sus obras están alcanzando hasta el último rincón de la tierra, ¡sigan así, los leeré hasta el día de mi muerte! Saludos.

Submissions/Yuu` Yuu` Dear KEY, thank you so much for all you've done so far, your titles made my day more than once ! I'm really looking forward to playing Angel Beats. I loved the anime version and I'm sure the Visual Novel will be even better ! キーへ、成し遂げた全てをありがとう。あなたたちの作品で喜びを味わったのは一度だけじゃない。エンジェルビーツを遊ぶのを楽しみにしています。アニメ版が大好きでしたので、そのビジュアルノベルはきっともっと素敵!
Submissions/Zachary Zachary I just want to say I love your work at KEY and their anime adaptions. Clannad being the best. I don't know what it was, but Clannad helped get me out of a depression. So not only do you guys at KEY make amazing story's, but you helped me, so thanks for all you have done! キーの作品とそのアニメ版は大好き。特にクラナド。なぜか分からないけど、クラナドの助けで私は憂鬱を吹き飛ばした。だからあなたたちはすごい物語を作るだけでなく、私を大事なときに助けたことを本当にありがとう!
Submissions/cacahuategod cacahuategod Mexico Happy anniversary Key! ハッピーアニバーサリー、Key!
Submissions/damedame damedame Brazil Thank you all for creating such wonderful visual novels!

I've had great moments reading them and watching their adaptations.

Be it crying or laughing, I'll never forget the feelings of experiencing them for the first time.

I'm looking forward to your next projects!


読むときやアニメ版を見るとき大好きだった場面はいっぱいでした。 最初経験したときの感動は一生忘れない。次の計画は楽しみにします!

Submissions/dejixal dejixal 十五周年おめでとうございます。 たくさんの思い出に感謝する。
Submissions/ Delaware, USA I've included a Kudryavka drawing, a picture of a Little Busters! t-shirt I made, and a picture of my collection of Key stuff. I just want to thank Key for all the games and anime they've made. The visual novels Little Busters!, Kanon, Air, and Clannad were all a HUGE help in learning Japanese. The adventures of Riki, Rin, and co. will always stick in my memory. Please release games in English! クドリャフカの絵、自分で作ったリトバズ!のシャツと自分のKey商品のコレクションの写真を付けました。私はただKeyにたくさんのゲームやアニメを作ってくれたことをありがとうと言いたいです。リトルバスターズ!とKanonとAirとクラナドのビジュアルノベルは私の日本語の勉強に手伝いました。理樹や鈴たちの冒険がいつも私の記憶に残ります。 ぜひ貴方達のゲームの英語版をリリースして下さい!
Submissions/eternal eternal Toronto, Canada I watched the AIR anime adaptation when I was 14. I didn't know that it was aimed at men, but I unabashedly loved it.

Now I'm 21 and I've outgrown much of what I liked as a teenager. Still, I look back fondly on the image of Nagisa and Tomoya walking up that hill. It's symbolic to me, and I think it always will be.

Thanks for all the hard work!

~ From snowy Canada, eternal.


Submissions/extremewirehead extremewirehead Happy Birthday! Your work has been an inspiration for everyone, and I bet everyone else can agree. Growing up with your stories has been one of the fondest memories of my life. I don't want to waste your time, but I always remind myself of your stories to stay positive and get the job done.

I'm just a normal person by myself but I've been trying to spread the goodwill you've given me in everything I do, even so far as to own a Youtube Channel about everything beautiful about the world:

If anything, that is my gift to you. I hope you continue to inspire others and create amazing emotional roller-coasters for everyone to enjoy!
Submissions/Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project/kenjiharima kenjiharima 「いつも頑張ってくれてありがとうございます。」 KEY! My new favorite character Angel! ^_^ 「いつも頑張ってくれてありがとうございます。」 KEY! 新しい気に入ったキャラクターの天使ちゃんです! ^_^
Submissions/krawky398 Krawky398 Ever since I watched Kanon back in 2010, I've absolutely loved your works, despite the only others I've watched or read being Angel Beats and Little Busters. Little Busters is easily my favorite one, however. I consider it one of my favorite visual novels, being a perfect mix of fun and tear-jerking moments! So, I'd like to thank you for all the joy you've brought me and congratulate you on 15 years! カノンを見た2010年の時からあなたたちの作品を完全に大好きでした。カノン以外にはエンジェルビーツを見てリットルバスターズを読んだだけだけど。でも、リトルバスターズは私に断然トップ。楽しさと泣かすネタの完璧な組み合わせで凄く気に入りなビジュアルノベルです。だから、その全ての喜びを与えてありがとう、そして十五年をおめでとう!未来も素敵でありますように!~ジョーイ/クラーキ398
Submissions/michaelquach michaelquach gg,ca Thank you for all the hard work and all the enjoyment you bring to me, personally. Happy 15th Anniversary ! (= 多くの苦労と私個人にくれた楽しさをありがとう。十五周年おめでとう! (=
Submissions/Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project/mulrich mulrich While I haven't played any of your games - yet - I enjoyed the anime adaptions, and they have a special place in my anime collection.

Keep up the great work! :)


お疲れ様! :)

Tillykke! (デンマーク語で「おめでとう」)
Submissions/sm2345 sm2345 India はじめまして、 インドからのファンです。 15周年おめでとうございます!

初めてKEYの作品と出会いましたのは高校にいた時です。 その時、「カノン」 をみました。 それは、 私の期待を超えてとても感動的でした。 久しぶりに心から泣きました。 その以来からあなたがたの作品のファンです。 その あと、 「Clannad」と「リトルバスターズ」をプレイして、 また心が動いた。 そして「Angel Beats」をみてとても感動して泣きました。 「Air」 も夏休みの間にみてとても感動しました。 今もあなたがたの作品が大好きです。 この15年、 私とたくさんの人々にたくさんの思い出と感情を下さって、 誠にありがとうございます。 頑張ってください! 私、 応援してます。 改めて、おめでとうございます。 そして、 心の底からありがとうございます。


Submissions/Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project/sonicspin sonicspin Every single work of yours have been epic, and worthy of being called a "masterpiece." I look forward to your upcoming works.Thanks a lot! 貴方達の作品は全部すごくて、名作と呼ばれるに相応しい作品です。次の作品を楽しみにしています。ありがとう!
Submissions/Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project/tontetsu tontetsu Keyの皆様、十年 辿り着いておめでとうございます!ご存知通り、日本だけではなく、まるで全世界に(どれほどの大げさかねw)おる人々がKeyの高質・感激な作品に吸い込まれてます、続々と。「Kanon」から最近の「Little Busters!」まで、人が悲しませたり 喜ばせたり 泣かせたり 笑えさせたり 心に印象つけたりしてくれて、これだけを投稿して感謝を伝えてたいだけです。 (ま、個人的に音楽もポイントー頭から放れない旋律)

どこであれ、皆のファンが次の十年、応援して期待してますんでまたよろしくお願いいたします! (そしてできるだけ、海外のファン等の事をたまには御考えをw)

Submissions/usagi88 usagi88 Finland Thank you so much and congratulations for the past fifteen years! Kanon's, Air's and Clannad's spirit will be preserved for the upcoming generations and get us into tears (even during) these days. この十五年をありがとうそしておめでとう! カノン、エアーとクラナドの魂は後世のために保ていつの日にも私たちを泣かせる。 Suurkiitos ja onnittelut hyvistä 15 vuodesta! Kanonin, Airin ja Clannadin henki säilyy tarinoissamme tuleville sukupolville ja saa meidät kyyneliin näinäkin päivinä.
Submissions/めおたお めおたお Happy BD! おたおめ!
Submissions/Kyoycz/キョイチ Kyoycz/キョイチ Syracuse, New York Thank you so much for everything you've made! Clannad especially has been one of the best games I've played, and probably the most memorable. I'm glad to be a part of the Key (Dai)Kazoku! いろいろとありがとうございました!!! クラナドが大好きですね! みんなはとても面白くて、すごく楽しいです。智代と杏が一番好きです。僕もカノンとエアが好きです。Keyの未来のゲームで遊んでみたいです!僕はKey(大)家族の中でだから、嬉しいです。