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Submissions/Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project/Arveene +Just wanted to thank Key for making such wonderful Visual Novels. The art in your games is always great, the music is superb, and the stories are touching. Keep up the great work!
Submissions/Aspirety +Dear Key. I write to you today to join many others around the world in expressing our love for your work. I first came into contact through your stories through the Clannad Anime, and have since experienced a broad number of your works. The Kanon 2006 Anime, the Air Anime, the Clannad Game and Anime, the Little Busters game and Anime, the Angel Beats Anime, Planetarian, and most recently Rewrite. When I first watched Clannad, I instantly fell in love with your stories. They offered something special to me that none of the other Anime or games I’d played have offered. Deep, emotional fulfilment, and characters you genuinely grow attached to. Your stories paint a picture of a very real world with very real issues through which the beauty of humanity can shine and overcome any hardship. The solutions may sometimes be fantastical, but they never disappoint in their delivery. Your stories have impacted my life many times. Little Busters helped me understand the warmth and comfort of being a part of a genuine group of friends, while putting me through the turmoil of leaving the safety of that group to brave the painful reality. But even so, as many of your stories have taught me, having our friends and family supporting us, pushing us forward, will enable us to do extraordinary things we couldn’t do alone. Rewrite helped me analyse myself as an individual, finding my place in the world and the significance of my bonds with others, and what they mean to me. It helped me analyse the depth of human relationships which people often take for granted. These are just some of the profound messages I’ve gained from reading your stories. I love your works so much, they hold a special place in my heart. I’m always recommending your works to my friends and family, and often they’ll fall in love with your characters and stories as well. I never play Key games for the erotic content – I actually go out of my way to avoid the 18+ games. I play for the emotional fulfilment. To borrow the words of Nishizono Mio, I read your stories to rebel against the fact that I only live once; to experience the lives of another and gain something from that experience. Not many stories can compare to the precious memories I’ve gained from the likes of Clannad, Little Busters and Rewrite. After finishing Little Busters, I cried harder than I’ve ever cried in my adult life. The tears just wouldn’t stop. It’s something special, and I want as many people to know of your masterpieces as I can. But often it’s very hard to purchase the games here in Australia, so usually we’re limited to the Anime adaptations. But I know there are so many people around the world who will love your games; they just need to find you. You have no idea how happy I was when I found out that Planetarian was released on iOS in English. It was the first time one of your games had been released in English, and I immediately got to work in telling everybody I knew about it and that they should buy it. Hoping for an Android release for people like me someday too! This news revealed to me the possibility that maybe someday, I would be able to play Little Busters, Clannad or Rewrite in English in my own country. It’s a bit of a distant dream, but I’m sure if that happened, so many more people would come to love not only your works, but all the different and amazing Visual Novels that remain exclusive to the Japanese market. I don’t mean to tell you what to do, but merely to inform you that there is demand for English releases of your games all around the world, and that it could lead to great things for the industry. Who knows, maybe muscle really will take over the world! I really hope at least someone out there in Key takes the time to read over this letter. I’ve put my heart and soul into these words in the hopes that one of you out there will hear us. We as your fans will continue to support you in the little ways we can, and perhaps with time, our numbers will grow even larger. We all anxiously await the next story you bring to the world; hopeful that it will find it’s place among the growing number of incredible stories you’ve released thus far. Thank you so much Key for the years worth of tears and smiles you’ve brought us all; our lives wouldn’t be the same without you. Your fans exist all around the world - a daikazoku of Key fans across the globe - and we just want you to know it! Don’t forget us, because we will never, ever forget you. Loyally yours, Ben Hueppauff - Aspirety.
Submissions/Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project/Aurora +Your Visual Novels never fail to amaze me, even though my japanese isn't great I don't want to miss the magic of your releases. Looking forward to Rewrite and the Angel Beats! anime. Be sure to enjoy yourselves at your 10. birthday.
Submissions/Axtro +First of all, thank you for creating such good visual novels, Key marked an important stage of my life with kanon, because it was the first anime I saw in Japanese and say that I did change somewhat with little busters to remind the value of my friends and that someone will give you a hand, all this and more, thanks Key.


Submissions/Bacon +I didn't use to watch anime, but one day a friend of mine introduced me to a show called Angel Beats! I loved it so much that I ended up watching it all in one day. I've seen the entire show four times now. It was so good, I looked to see what else this "Key" company had done, and I found out about Kanon, AIR, and Clannad. Now Clannad is my favourite anime of all time and one of the finest examples of storytelling and character development in television ever. The show made me feel for the characters; my heart broke when theirs did too. If a show can make me hurt that much over a fictional character, you know that it's good. I cannot read Japanese, but I found an English translation of the Clannad Visual Novel and absolutely loved it. Please release your games in English! Planetarian is out on iOS, which is great. I love that novel too. Please, continue this trend and release more of your games in North America. I would also like to mention how much I love your music. You do a fantastic job composing songs Jun Maeda and Shinji Orito. Keep up the amazing work! Your games have had an amazing influence on my life. Thank you so much, and keep making fantastic games in the future! -Bacon
Submissions/Bailey & Jessie +Key, Thank you so much for your wonderful creations which have affected all of us and touched all of our hearts. Please understand that you have a fan base in the West! Bailey and Jessie
Submissions/Bas +Dear Employees of Key, My first time encountering something by Key was several years ago. When I was browsing music on Youtube, a video called "Little Busters" caught my attention among the recommended videos. However, at that time I was completely ignorant about the Japanse culture; so I thought it sounded childish. I didn't know that I was completely wrong about that, and now I wish I would have checked it out back then so I could find out how completely awesome it is! However around one year ago, someone recommended me to watch anime; and so I did, and got interested in the Japanese culture. During summer I was checking the upcoming anime in Japan, and there was one anime that caught my attention: Little Busters!. For some reason I remembered that I saw this title before (maybe it was fate) and I remembered what I thought about it back then. Since at that time I was more familiar with the Japanese culture, so I already knew I might have been wrong about it being childish, and considered checking it out. As time passed, I got slightly more interested in the anime; until some day I randomly bought a Noumi Kudryavka figure at an online store; without knowing I would like the anime or not. After that moment I got very excited about the upcoming anime of Little Busters, without knowing anything about it. Few weeks before the airing I was extremely excited; however this excitement was based on nothing and I could have been wrong, so to find out what kind of stories you make and whether I might like it, I decided to check another work of yours: Clannad. I did see some good anime before watching Clannad, but none of them managed to make me fall in love with that anime as early as Clannad did. Already in the first few episodes I knew this was a masterpiece; it already starts with some funny comedy, Sunohara (and later Nagisa's dad) who will make me, followed by some great drama; Fuko's story affected me deeply; touched my heart and maked me shed a few tears; followed by Kotomi's arc which was great as well. After a beautiful ending of the first season I got to Afterstory; and I cried a lot. Now I just have to read about all the sad things that happened in Clannad to make my eyes tear up; and Clannad is something I won’t forget for the rest of my life. I certainly hope I will be able to play the original visual novel of Clannad in the near future, so I can experience the story once more. Back to Little Busters, when the first episode finally aired; my expectations where confirmed to be true. Loving it since the first episode. What I especialy like in the anime, is to see all the members working together to solve their problems. Currently, the anime is very heartwarming for me; even though I know terrible things will happen. At some point I couldn't wait anymore and wanted to discover the 'secret of the world'; so I decided to play the visual novel. It only took me a few days to finish because I couldn’t stop. I loved all the girl’s arcs, especially Haruka’s, which was my favorite. And when I finally was able to start Refrain, I was very happy because I knew I was close to the secret of the world. But when I saw the first picture when I started it up, I was shocked because I just realized what happened. And when Kyousuke told me the secret of the world I was even more shocked because I knew my fears where true. I found the game extremely cruel, because I couldn’t prevent something very bad from happening; and I have been crying for quite a long time. I also plan on starting to play Rewrite in a few days, but I already know it will be awesome. Not only are the stories great, but also the art and the music; when I drive in my car I often listen to music from your visual novels, and I my room contains various merchandise based on your visual novels, such as figures, artbooks and posters. My life would be hard to imagine without Key, so thank you for all your great visual novels. And I hope I can enjoy more of your works in the future, so already looking forward to it. Kind Regards, Bas, a Key/Little Busters fan from Holland
Submissions/Black +Thanks to Key from Germany! Keep up the good work! Thank for the great Visual Novels!
Submissions/Blitzwing +12 years ago, I first met the snow-covered town with the story of a little miracle. Kanon was the work that inspired me to learn Japanese and later move from Canada to Japan. I'm very thankful for that. Every time it snows, I remember the story of sad girls in snow. Happy 15th Anniversary Key!
Submissions/Bruno Fulco +Thanks Key for the wonderful visual novels that I had the honor to read, thanks and thank you very much, thanks to you I got into the world of anime, the first one I watched was Angel Beats and from the wonderful world of visual novels, the first one I played was Little Busters. Don't ever change. Thanks from this little country that is Uruguay to our japanese brothers.


Submissions/Canadian Key Fans +Thank you for everything. Your stories have all been truly life changing. We look forward to reading all of your future works. Scott, Anmole, Jason, Ricardo, Wagas
Submissions/Chad Scott +To Studio Key; Thank you for all the incredible works you have made. To this day, I can say that without a doubt your creations have impacted my life. Despite the criticisms leveled at them, the stories you make, the characters you create, they are one of the few things in this world able to let me truly feel things. When my heart flutters when going through an event or route, there's something to be said for the quality of the work. I'm so happy to know all of you have kept at this for fifteen years, and it shows in the visual novels. We overseas fans would love to support you in anyway we can - these messages and pictures and videos contain these feelings. I wish for all of you to have another successful fifteen years, and possibly some releases overseas. Best Wishes Chad Scott
Submissions/Charles Torihpes +Thank you for the experiences you have given to us. Please continue the good work. -Charles Torihpes
Submissions/Clannad Man +Please see 'Opening Letter to Key Visual Arts Revised' for Opening Letter
Submissions/Claudia Cho +Congrats on 15 years. Keep up your great work and good luck in the future! - Claudia Cho
Submissions/Cloakedboltz +Happy 15th birthday Key! Kanon made me fell in love with your work. I started systematically reading other work you've done, including Clannad, Planetarian and Little Busters. I'm really looking forward to the anime adaptation of Little Busters and your next visual novel projects. I'm actually from Quebec, can you believe it? Really, you have fans everywhere. Happy birthday once again, may the company live long and prosper! -From a Quebecer Fan
Submissions/Clow & Lulu +To Key. We wanted to thank you for these 15 years of wonderful stories which have made us laugh, cry and, above all, feel. For us, the characters from Key's stories have been part of our lives: we joined the Little Busters, we were part of the Occult Club, we found "a family" around the ones we loved most, we watched the stars from a distant future... And now, all those memories will never disappear. For this reason, we wanted to at least thank you from a very distant country as Spain for these 15 years of awesome visual novels. Jun Maeda and all the Key staff, thank you so much, we're looking forward your next works in which we will immerse into new feelings as well. From Merche "Lulu" and David "Clow" in Spain
Submissions/Connor +Just writing to let you guys know I'm a huge fan. Clannad and Little Busters are my favorites. Your visual novels are some of my favorites, and I hope you keep making them. Happy new year from a fan in the states.
Submissions/Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project/Coolham23 +I just have to say that even me being in america, I've played quite a few of your games, and plan to buy your anniversary game set. Great job creating all the games you have, my favorite game being Kanon! THANKS A BUNCH!
Submissions/Ctoaon +I've been a fan of your works from the time I discovered Clannad, watched the trailer of it and fell in love right away. When the series ends, it left me craving for more, which led me to your other works, Air and Kanon. Then years passed and you gave us After story, Angel Beats and Little Busters! You kept giving us epic series that keeps us from wanting for more. Happy 15th Anniversary to all of you! Keep up the good work, coz I'll be waiting for every masterpiece you will going to create ^_^
Submissions/Czaja +Dear KEY staff, I just wanted to thank you. I'd love to say it in person, but currently, there's no option ^^'. Your works truly are masterpieces, which changed my point of view and even life, in some ways. I just can't put into words how happy I am that I could enjoy your stories. You used beautiful music in your VNs. It always makes my mood better and never bores me. Although couple of years have passed, I'm still humming "Dango Daikazoku" sometimes. Dango saikou! ^o^ I'll never forget your magnificent stories. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you! (' ')


Submissions/Dafoose +"Hello talented artists of Key. My name is Austin and I find the series of key releases entertaining and inspiring. I would like to extend my gratitude to you by saying thank you for your art. I like to do vector artwork and make desktop backgrounds. My favorite anime is Kanon and my favorite character is Mai Kawasumi. The music in the anime is beautiful and I will always keep the songs from Key Sounds Label in my heart, as long as I live. Have a pleasant Anniversary!" Sincerely Dafoose
Submissions/Darijosanatus +I actually found out about anime and visual novels made by Key by mere coincidence, but blessed fate, you hit at the right moment. In an April during a hotter and drier than usual spring, I saw the anime CLANNAD and it’s After Story. I didn’t know anything about this universe, only that I loved it and it made me cry and laugh like no other anime ever had done. I’m still looking for an anime that beats CLANNAD at this. Will your studio be responsible of this deed? I still can’t forget those very emotional scenes from After Story, there are some happy ones, and other sad ones, but with a very pure emotion which can move even the coldest person in the planet. And yes, I remember very well how that season happened… It’s like the future of those who leave high school and have to urgently look for a job, like, the characters are mature. This contrasts a lot with the first season, where everything was giggles… It hurts to live, but it’s worth fighting for. Later and again by chance, I found another anime, an adaptation of the visual novel: Kanon (2006). Even though it didn’t move me as much as the previous one, it produced a very big emptiness inside me, thinking about how cruel life is, why do we have such misfortunes… Since that moment, your works interested me so much, watching, reading, listening everything you want to communicate to me, and you’ve accomplished it. Heh, now I can recognize your content from miles away since you have a very own unmistakable style. Those graphic Bishoujos, that fantasy which can go against you, the supernatural touch to the plot, that comedy to ease the sadness that the work previously produced… Really, you are jerks for making me feel emotions I had never felt before, breaking like that my coldness and passivity towards situations. From here I send you this letter to express my greatest thanks to everything your studio has made, for all the moments that you’ve given me. I hope you don’t lower the pace and become superior every time. Thanks again. I’ll continue watching your works with anticipation!!!
Submissions/Dax +I just would like to say thank Key for creating those wonderful games. Each one of them has been just a pleasure to read it, the last one that I was playing was CLANNAD, just a masterpiece. Thanks a lof or it. Keep on working please.
Submissions/Derick and Shistine +To everyone at Key, congratulations on your 15th anniversary! My little sister made this ceramic Dango Daikazoku. She and I love Key's works. In particular, we were deeply moved by Clannad. Key's works will always have a special place in my heart. I look forward to your next ones. Thank you for everything!
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