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Submissions/AJ Santos +Thanks for all your hard work. The experiences I have gained from your games I have incorporated into my everyday life. Continue with the wonderful hard works! -AJ Santos
Submissions/Adam +I don't have much to say other than thank you very much for the amazing stories.
Submissions/Aerdin +Congratulations on 15 years of amazing work! Your work has always been touching and inspirational and your writing amazing. It takes exceptional skill to write a story that alternates between high points of comedy and low points of tragedy, but you have never failed to deliver a heart wrenching and beautiful tale. You have the most beautiful combination of music and story of any game or story I have experienced. I am happy to say that even my friends who don't watch anime or play visual novels, will set aside their biases and sit down to enjoy watching your work. It really says a lot about how much people love your work that it is the one thing I can get people who hate animation to watch. I especially admire the music and writing of Maeda-san. Your lyrics are so beautiful and well written, that I can't help but tear up remembering the stories they represent. For your skill in writing and understanding of relationships, you are a man I respect and admire above all. I hope someday I get the honor of meeting you in person. Your work is by far my favorite of everything I have even seen or read. It was what got me into watching anime and into playing visual novels, and it remains the most memorable. My art may be poor, but here is my thanks for the memories and lessons I have learned from your work. Once again, congratulations and may you have many more years of amazing work.
Submissions/Akanehayato +Dear Staff of Key, Thank you for having made my life so much more full of enjoyment! You guys have brought me on an emotional rollercoaster over the last few years. I only started watching and playing the stories that were crafted by you guys a few years back when 'Angel Beats!' first came out as an anime, but because of that I started to watch more and more of your works. I could remember my first time watching 'Angel Beats!', laughing like crazy as the story progressed, and also really connected with the characters and what they were feeling, it was a good laugh at times, <br /> but yet it also really touches the heart and soul. Clannad was also another one which made me feel really touched, and thanks to that I really loved and connected with Nagisa and Tomoya, I really cried at all the sad scenes, and really laughed at all <br />the extremely hilarious ones. To me I felt that the greatest lesson I've learn personally from them is that it is love is always something that may not be predicted, and that fate is something that is certain, but we all choose the paths we want to go down, <br /> and that we should do what we can for the people around us that we care and love with whatever time we have. Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary, and please continue to move the hearts of the hundreds of thousands fans out there! I look forward to your new ones, and I will forever support your works! Long live Key! Best Wishes,<br /> Wilson Lee Wei Jie<br /> Singapore
Submissions/Aleksander Charatonik +I kind of feel like no matter what I wrote here, it would be embarrassing, but here goes. First of all, thank you for all the wonderful stories told by Key. Kanon, Air, Clannad, Tomoyo After, Planetarian, Little Busters!, Angel Beats and Rewrite were all amazing, and while many share common elements, they were all wonderfully unique in their own way. Everything in them is exceptionally well done, from the art to the music, and the writing. Secondly, I wish the best of luck on the Angel Beats! visual novel. I'm sure you'll be able to maintain the same level of quality that you have with your previous VNs, and it won't be as rushed as the anime was. Even if us westerners would be lucky to have a translation done by 2016/2017, I'm still plenty excited. I wish you all wonderful lives, and hope you do well. You're all already doing well, so it shouldn't be too hard to continue, right?
Submissions/Alex0714 +Dear Key: First of all, i have to thank you so much for your great work at making awesome stories. The first thing i knew about your company, was with the anime adaptacion of Clannad. I must say that i truly enjoy it and is still one of the best things i have seen in my life. I cried multiple times watching the anime. That was the first time something like that happen to me, i was unbelievable. My second Key story was Kanon. Also a great story, though i don't like it as much as Clannad but it is because Clannad is just so perfect. Great Characters, Great music, Great story. My third one was Little Busters! and i must say is my favorite visual novel right now. I love all the girls, especially Rin. Kyousuke is AWESOME. Masato and Kengo has to be the best friends ever. Refrain was maverlous. When the anime adaptation of little busters was announced i was jumping of happiness. With this, i want to let you know that if it is not for internet, i wouldn't be able to read that lovely stories. i would absolutely buy all of your visual novels if i could get them in english at least(my first language is Spanish) Please let us enjoy your stories as much as the japanese people. With this i say farewell, and thank you again for all. Give us the means to give you all the things that Clannad, Kanon, Little busters has give to us. Alexander
Submissions/Algazero +I just wanted to say to the wonderful people over at Key, Thank you so very much for giving me the chance to enjoy the worlds that you have created whether it be; AIR, Kanon, Clannad, Little Busters, or Tomoyo After. The journeys that you took me through along with the colorful and amazing characters, be it good or bad, has helped keep my head up, always pushing myself forward no matter what handicaps have set me back or how impossible the odds may seem. Through the tears and the laughter, I walk forward holding my head up high, up the long uphill climb to my unknown future that is paved before me. There is no amount of gratitude that I could display toward you all for allowing me to be immersed in the world that you all created. Thank you so very much for making this person's life more meaningful. Yours truly, Christian Jarquín aka Algazero
Submissions/Allen Q +Key, Every once in a while I see something Clannad related and I'm instantly reminded of the great joy of an experience I had because of it. I started with the anime, and the first episode caught my interest as a fun, humorous, and vibrant series. Little did I expect the whirlwind of emotions you had in store. Being quite a stoic person myself, the later episodes of After Story surprised me - it was the first time I felt tears in my eye from something fictional. I felt such an unbelievable connection with the characters that you built up for 25 entire episodes that I was apparently moved when tragedy struck. Never, in all the books, movies, and plays that I have read and seen, had I experienced the level of emotion that I felt when watching Clannad. After watching it, I immediately recommended it to everyone I knew. And I mean everyone - not just the people I know to enjoy anime. "Clannad is the human experience itself" was what I told them. Since my first watching I have gone through the series twice. I still laugh and smile at clips I find on Youtube. Sometimes, I even wish that I could "unwatch" it, just to go through the experience again. I even went through the visual novel, just to get more out of the characters, and I wasn't disappointed. The music was perhaps one of the most touching parts of the ending scene with Nagisa on the hill. The piano piece, titled "渚~坂の下の別れ" has since been one of my favorite pieces to play, and every time I play it in public, a listener approaches me for the name of the piece. Please continue your wonderful work. I'd be especially happy if you could try to negotiate anime adaptations, so your characters and stories can be accessible to all. Thanks, A fan
Submissions/Andrew Manning +When I originally went to type this I didn't know what to say, but now I do. Thanks for all that you do and keep up the good work YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! (And the music is pretty good by the way.)
Submissions/Anonymous00001 +Just letting you guys know you are doing a great job and will always have my support and support of my friends in the US. Love to play your games!
Submissions/Anonymous133444 +A huge thanks for everyone on Visual Art's and Key for all the effort you've done bringing those beautiful stories to the world. That's the least I can say. For a long time I have been struggling to find something fun to do. I'm not fond of being with other people, so I stay most of my time alone, and depression would easily take me over. However I started playing Little Busters and felt engaged to the characters, to the story. I've never been very fond of dramas but I shed a few tears while playing it. Finishing it made me both happy and sad at the same time, so I took my time to reflect. I guess I grew a little bit with it. A few weeks later, again feeling empty and depressed, I decided to read Clannad. Again I felt attached to characters and to the story and I wanted to know more about then, so I kept playing. In the end, I realised the most fun I was having in my days was reading these Visual Novels, while before I had no fun at all. When I felt sad and thought about dying, I honestly thought: "I want to, but I also want to read those stories first. They're worth it.". And so, in many occasions, the thought of the many beautiful and fantastic stories from you waiting to be read has kept me moving on for a bit. Even if I end up having nothing else to do, even if I have no friends to talk with the stories about, I want to keep reading them and growing a bit with each one of them, for as long as I can. So the least I can say is a deep thanks from the bottom of my heart. And I hope more people will read those stories, because they're worth living to see.
Submissions/Anonymous165346 +I have been a fan of Key for as long as I can remember. Through various twists of fate, it has shaped my life through the years; who I am and what I do. Who would have thought that it would have such an impact on people's lives. Key stands among the greats and your work will continue to be loved by future generations. I look forward to what the future holds!
Submissions/Anonymous173405 +Hello there. Happy 15th anniversary Key. I am one of your non-Japanese fans and I intend to give you a picture but it turns out I can just draw stick figures with wigs. xD I first heard of your work in numerous animes, mostly Clannad, Little Busters, Kanon, and Air. Each one of those Visual Novels contained something unique from the rest of them. They are all very good nontheless. One reason why I came to like your works is because they each have a moral story that would have been imprinted on my mind and be passed on to my kids. They are not mindless Novels which have characters just provide romance or demonic imaginery powers to the viewers. I hope in the future, you would release your works overseas. I'm sure with your works, the Rapelay incident and other similar events will be forgotten. Don't doubt that it would not sell. Do not underestimate your fans. :) Once again, Happy Aniversary Key!
Submissions/Anonymous208389 +Keep the good work! please allow game to be translated and be able to purchase in the USA
Submissions/Anonymous42725 +Hello from California! Happy 15th Anniversary Key! Thanks for making such wonderful visual novels and stories. My friends and I are really big fans. We're always looking forward to new Key projects. Also, you guys should make more anime shows, because Angel Beats! was awesome. We love you Key!
Submissions/Anonymous449761 +Key, I was born the year Kanon was released. Now I am 14,and I love everything you make. Planetarian was the first visual novel I ever played. I loved it! Thank you for releasing all-ages editions of Kanon, Air, Tomoyo After and Kud Wafter. Now little girls like me can play them too. ~ Your works are always amazing. The music, the art, the story... Everything! Thank you for releasing an English version of Planetarian. It was released on my birthday and it was the best present I ever received! I am from Northern Ireland. I loved the references to Irish mythology in Clannad! Thanks to Clannad, Mag Mell is now my favourite myth of all time. I am playing Rewrite at the minute. Amazing! Congratulations on reaching 15 years! Please keep making wonderful visual novels forever! Erin
Submissions/Anonymous495490 +Dear key, I'd like to thank you for all the hard work you have done. I really appreciated all your works that i've been able to see or play till now. They were all extremely moving,interesting,funny and captivating i spend hours before the computer unable to look away, in short they were all amazing I sincerely hope to be able to enjoy even more of your game/anime.To this end I'm also trying to learn japanese as to be able to buy and enjoy your games as they were meant to be. I eagerly await your next work and again thank you.
Submissions/Anonymous538543 +Thank you so very much... The Clannad anime changed my life, and I watch the Angel Beats anime over and over. I would watch Clannad over and over, but I cannot bare to experience the sheer emotion that it instils in me every time I watch it, at least not as often as I'd like. You are gods. Thank you again DANGO Kami-sama.
Submissions/Anonymous611228 +Congratulations Key for reaching 15 years of making visual novel fans laugh, cry, or otherwise learn important lessons in life. I'm a big fan of your works, especially Clannad, which has given me a new outlook in life. Hopefully, you can continue to create great visual novels for another 15 years or more. Also, consider making official translations of your games. There's a growing demand for visual novels around the world, so perhaps this would be a good move.
Submissions/Anonymous705295 +I haven't had the chance yet to play all the games produced by Key but those that I did play, were phenomenal. Be it the stunning visuals, the engaging plot or the melodic soundtrack- Key's visual novels are what one could describe as a masterpiece. And so are the various anime adaptions. I'm grateful for your work, Key staff, and hopefully you will continue to create such great games for a long time. Thank you!
Submissions/Anonymous763538 +Thank you for all your amazing stories and I hope the next 15 years are even better for you.
Submissions/Anonymous794287 +I loved all your works! Whether it was Little Busters!, Angel Beats! or Clannad, I loved them all! Key's the best! I'm happy that there is Key! I will forever be a fan of Key! I thank you sincerely from my heart. I thank you for the tears. I thank you for the emotions. I thank you for the secret of this world.
Submissions/Anonymous85349 +Clannad changed my life. It helped me to realise what family is, and that I wanted to be a father. It helped me to understand what my purpose in life is. I can't hope to express how influential your works have been to me; all I can say is thank you for the most touching stories I have ever experienced.
Submissions/Anonymous988085 +Thank you for all the wonderful works you have created! Playing Clannad was the most intense experience in my life. I never cried so much. So many touching moments... After years, Clannad is still the best VN and Anime to me. But all Key stories I know so far are really great. Please continue the great work.
Submissions/AnthranDawn +Hello to everyone at the wonderful company at Key! I've read every single one of your visual novels, and I have to express my eternal gratitude to all of you for creating them, because they have taught me to become a better person. Your visual novels have taught me how important friends and family are, and how to appreciate just how important life is. Through your characters and scenarios, I finally realized that life is truly a wonderful thing, and that there will be people in your life to help pull you through it. Before I read your stories, I had no true appreciation for all of the people that I know, but thanks to you, I truly appreciate everyone that I have come to known. Your works have also made me become tolerant of others, because I realized that people may act rude or mean sometimes, but just as your characters had situations they had to get though, people have their own situations and hardships they have to go through. Every time I encounter someone who would be considered mean or rude, I think back to your visual novels and how understanding all of the main characters were, and I try to understand each individuals situation before placing judgement on them. Your works have changed my life for the better, and I want to express my eternal gratitude for all of the laughs, tears, and happiness your stories have given me over the years. Please keep doing what you do best, and that is creating the best visual novels in the industry. -Sincerly AnthranDawn
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