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Submission by hc
Name hc
Date 2012/09/08
Location Singapore
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Translated
Translator Cloud668
Content (English)
Hello Key! Thank you for producing such wonder games and anime for us. Clannad was the first anime from you all that I've ever watched and it really touched me deep to my heart. I had never shed so much tears over an anime before, and neither had I laughed as much. It had been about 4 years since I watched Clannad, but even now, it is still the series I would proudly declare as my favourite and has remained by number one recommendation to anyone. After Clannad, I went to look for other works by you all, in hopes of finding another masterpiece. Kanon, Air, Angel Beats. Non of these series disappoints and each of theme proved to be more than a masterpiece. I cry as the characters cry and laugh as the characters laugh. Nothing else had made me as emotional as Key's great works. Thank you for providing me so many experiences I will never forget, and I am sure that your works will be remembered for many generations to come. Happy 15th Anniversary!
Content (日本語)


こんなに素敵なゲームやアニメを作ってくれてありがとう。クラナドは私が初めて観たのKeyアニメで、私を感動させた。アニメであれほど泣いたり笑ったりしたことはありません。クラナドを観てからもうすぐ4年間ですが、それは未だに友達に推奨したことが一番多くの作品で、一番好きなアニメだと誇らしげに思います。クラナドを観た後、他の名作を見つけ出すつもりで、あなた達の他の作品を探しました。KanonとAirとAngel Beats! これらのシリーズが期待に応えて傑作以上の作品であります。私はキャラクター達と共に泣いたり笑ったりしました。Keyの名作より私を感動させた作品はありません。こんなにたくさんの体験をくれて本当にありがとうございます。あなた達の作品はこれから名残して沢山の人に知られると断言します。15周年おめでとう!