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Key/Visual Art's forever!
Key/Visual Art's forever!
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Submission by Rashad Croce
Name Rashad Croce
Date 2012/12/27
Location Colorado Springs, Colorado
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed Yes On hold
Content (English)


I heard about this from Unlimited Translation Works, a subbing group I am fond of. Since their beginning back in 2010, they have almost religiously subbed the latest Key/Visual Art's works. I have personally been viewing animated works beyond that, so I will address the content as follows to Key, the creators.

I am sad to say that I have yet to have the opportunity to play any of the visual novels. However, I have dedicated myself to watching any animations based on them. My first encounter with Key was Clannad. I caught it when it was airing and was enthralled by it. I was not able to finish it at the time, but it stuck with me a few years after and I made it a point to re-watch it from beginning to end. At that point, After Story had finished airing and I jumped on that. Countless tears have been shed even during my re-watches, so I can validate how powerful I was moved. I made up my mind then to fully immerse myself in Key/Visual Art's works. Since then, I picked up Air, Kanon, Little Busters!, and Angel Beats!. In fact, I'm still sitting on Angel Beats original airing, waiting for a proper time to watch it.

I am a permanent fan now. Anytime I hear of Key/Visual Art's animation on the horizon through local channels, I immediately set them to my must watch list. Soon, I will take the time to grab the visual novels and play them as much as I can. It is very rare when I can boast that I've enjoyed any particular anime and all of these works are worthy of it. I have even taken every opportunity I can to promote them, with 100% positive reviews. I will continue to do so, because these are titles that deserve it. Whenever I mention Key/Visual Art's works to anyone and they don't know what it means, I scoff at them and direct them to the legendary titles.

I'd like to take a moment and compliment the first animation I watched, Clannad. Absolutely beautiful and brilliant story arcs that completely and utterly crushed my soul, dominating it for days after. After I finished After Story, I took about an hour to cry as I poured through the flashbacks and how they related to me. Even if they did not personally relate to me, they were told in such a manner that was flawless. Even years later, Dango Daikazoku and Chiisana Te No Hira still pull those heartstrings when I play them. Beyond that, the comedy aspects were so hilarious that I still find myself laughing even if I already know the punchline. The first time I watched it, I laughed so hard at times I had to pause the playback and give myself time to recover, replaying the scene for more giggles. Onii-chan~ Good times.

Well, that should sum up the majority of what I wanted to say. Thank you, for all of your hard work. Please keep releasing these inspirations for the great anime I watch just about every year.

Key/Visual Art's forever!
Other information
On hold until we decide on how to deal with the first paragraph.