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Submission by Benjamin Thomas
Name Benjamin Thomas
Date 2012/08/30
Location Washington USA
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Translated
Translator Cloud668
Content (English)

To: The staff at KEY

2 years ago, I picked up Clannad as the first visual novel I would ever read. And I grabbed it based entirely of a friend's recommendation for the anime. At that time I had no knowledge that the Visual Novel medium had ever existed before in the way that you presented it. When I thought of Visual Novels previously, dating sims and eroge came to mind, the latter of which I would never have even thought of touching (let alone buying).

Clannad changed that for me, It was the first thing in media that had ever brought tears to my eyes. More so than any TV show, movie, or book. I attribute this to the way you made me bond with your characters. The time it took me to finish Clannad was at least 75 hours of reading, and for the most part, it was fun and games. Fun and games that showed me the individual personalities of each and every character. Realistic, believable personalities just like any real person I know.

It took me less than 2 weeks to finish reading, I would get home from school and read it into the late hours of the night. I don't remember how many times I've fallen asleep at my desk.

I picked up Planetarian next. My presumption was that something classified in the "very short" would be a quick read for a trip I was going on and would give me something to do in the hotel. Looking back on it, everything was relevant, with such a short Kinetic Novel there wasn't a line in it that didn't contribute to the plot or the character development; and at the end, I received a similar impact as I did to any of your other games.

I've read each and every one of your pre-2010 works, and not one has fallen flat in my opinion. Some are better than others, but each of them has left an impact on me.

To me it seems as if you all pour your heart and soul into your works. They never get dull, never feel forced, and listening to the music will sometimes still bring tears to my eyes. The release of Rewrite even encouraged me to start learning Japanese so I don't have to wait for an English patch before ordering it.

I eagerly await your next masterpiece, and I just wish it was more accessible to me when it does get released. I'll be a lifelong fan regardless, and will never forget about the stories you've shown me.

Thank you very much.
Content (日本語)

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