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Submission by Julius Agcopra II
Name Julius Agcopra II


Date 2012/12/28
Location Philippines
Submission Type Yes Image Yes Letter
Image Type Yes Other
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Flagged Yes Rejected
Content (English)

First of all, Happy 15th Anniversary to you all! I am very grateful to your existence! With all the hard work that you put in your novels, it is no doubt a masterpiece. I loved all your creations and enjoyed it. I was looking for a way to thank you and I think this is the perfect chance. All of the stories made an impact in my point of view of life. Clannad, being my first Novel to read (and made me know you), is my most favorite of all of your novels. I share my emotions when reading it - the sadness, happiness, all of them.

Because of this overflowing love of mine to your novels, I shared it with my family (my sister) and my friends. They all have loved them too! Some of them may not like it the way I do, but it still not bad seeing they don't have a bad opinion about them.

Overall, I'd like to thank all of your staff, people responsible for the existence of this magnificent group! I hope you continue your success! I'll always be here to support you from the shadows.

Your Fan,

Julius Agcopra II
Other information
Image rejected; contains official artwork from the anime.