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Submission by Fauzan Marantama
Name Fauzan Marantama
Date 2013/04/02
Location Indonesia
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Translated
Translator 通りすがりの助っ人
Content (English)
Hello Key, and Happy 15th Birthday ^_^. im one of the fans of Key that are live outside in japan, to be specific, im live in Indonesia. the first visual novel that im read is Clannad (yes, it was my first VN ever!). i get it from my cousin who lives in the japan. firstly, i don't know how to read the VN because i can't speak Japanese, lol. but afterward i find a lot of group translating VN and one of them is translating Clannad, and so began my reading of clannad, (YAY!). it it's the most tearjerking stories that i've ever read, and im very pleased about that. And my favorite VN made by so far is Rewrite, KEY newest VN, it has a lot of action (I like it!), but the tearjerking scene that are the forte of the KEY is missing a bit i think, but i think that demerit is covered by it's merit. one of my favorit route is Akane route, in that part i think everyone that has fallen in love would know that even if our partner is goes in a wrong way, we still follow her (very romantic!) and try to fix her, and that happen in the Akane route. As i mentioned above, sadly there are no official translated VN that come from KEY at all. I hope that KEY can make an official translated VN for the fans all over the world (you know, there are many fans of KEY that live overseas of japan). Once again, Happy 15th Birthday KEY! And i hope that KEY always release an awesome VN that's going to surprise everyone with it's quality.
Content (日本語)