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|image type=Fan art
|image type=Fan art
|image=Vexation by dafoose-d5ohamm.png
|image=Vexation by dafoose-d5ohamm.png
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[[Category:Key-Visual-Arts-Club Submissions]]
[[Category:Key-Visual-Arts-Club Submissions]]

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Submission by Dafoose
Name Dafoose

Vexation by dafoose-d5ohamm.png

Group name

#Key-Visual-Arts-Clubwarning.pngThe given value was not understood.

Date 2013/03/12
Submission Type Yes Image Yes Letter
Image Type Yes Fan art
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Translated
Translator Cloud668
Additional images
| ]]
Content (English)

"Hello talented artists of Key. My name is Austin and I find the series of key releases entertaining and inspiring. I would like to extend my gratitude to you by saying thank you for your art. I like to do vector artwork and make desktop backgrounds.

My favorite anime is Kanon and my favorite character is Mai Kawasumi.

The music in the anime is beautiful and I will always keep the songs from Key Sounds Label in my heart, as long as I live. Have a pleasant Anniversary!"

Sincerely Dafoose
Content (日本語)

Keyの優れるなアーティストたち、こんにちは。私の名前はオースティンです。Keyのリリースはとっても面白くて、感激させるだと思います。 貴方達の絵に対して、私はお礼を言いたいです。私はベクター・アートを描いて、デスクトップ壁紙を作ることが好きです。 私の気に入ったアニメはKanonで、好きなキャラクターは川澄舞です。 アニメ版の音楽はとっても美しいです。私はKey Sounds Labelの曲がこの一生に忘れません。 それで、良い記念日を!


Other information
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