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Submission by Anonymous
Name Yes Anonymous
Date 2013/03/31
Location Belfast, Northern Ireland
Submission Type Yes Message
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Translated
Translator Cloud668
Content (English)


I was born the year Kanon was released. Now I am 14,and I love everything you make.

Planetarian was the first visual novel I ever played. I loved it! Thank you for releasing all-ages editions of Kanon, Air, Tomoyo After and Kud Wafter. Now little girls like me can play them too. ~

Your works are always amazing. The music, the art, the story... Everything!

Thank you for releasing an English version of Planetarian. It was released on my birthday and it was the best present I ever received!

I am from Northern Ireland. I loved the references to Irish mythology in Clannad! Thanks to Clannad, Mag Mell is now my favourite myth of all time.

I am playing Rewrite at the minute. Amazing!

Congratulations on reaching 15 years! Please keep making wonderful visual novels forever!

Content (日本語)

Key、 私はKanonがリリースされた年に生まれました。今は14歳で、君たちが作ったもの全部が好きです。






15周年をおめでとうございます! これからもずっと素敵なビジュアルノベルを作って下さい!