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Welcome to the Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project's submission page. Please use the appropriate form for your submission. If you would like to attach files to your submission, you must create a regular submission. Please read the submission criteria before you create a submission.

We stopped accepting submissions on the following dates. Submissions are no longer accepted without permission:

  • Anonymous submissions are now closed.
  • Letters and messages without a Japanese translation — April 1, 2013
  • All submissionsApril 27, 2013
  • The letter submission deadline does not apply if you can provide your own translation.
  • You may submit your letter component first, and submit images, audio, and/or videos later on.

Create new submission

Submission instructions

tl;dr: Pick a form above and fill out stuff.
Getting Started

To create or edit a submission, select the appropriate form above

The information fields
Filling out your information

Please fill out all relevant fields in the submission form.

  • If you are representing a group or a doujin circle, check the "Group submission" checkbox and fill out group's name in the new text field.
  • If you wish to be associated with a country/state/area, please include it in the "Location" field; this information will be used to graph a map of submissions.
The content fields
Submitting your content

Fill out the appropriate content fields with your submission. Please note that the text box is not WYSIWYG, and instead uses the MediaWiki markup.

  • Upload and attach your files in the bottom of the form.
  • For letter or message submissions, you must at least provide your text in English or Japanese. Additional languages are also accepted. If you would like to submit a text document or scan(s) instead of typing out your text here, please include the filename of your document.
    • Please mark a submission as a letter only if it is of substantial length (e.g. a few paragraphs).
  • For image submissions, include the filename of your first image in the "Image" field (without the File: prefix). For additional images, copy the links to the rest of your images and list them in the "Content" field.
  • For video submissions, include an external link to your file in the "Content" field. You may be asked in the future to reupload the video to the wiki.

Please preview and double-check your submission before saving. You may return and edit your submission at any time.

Review process

Please regularly check your submission, or add the submission to your watch list to receive email notifications. Your submission is awaiting a review, and you may be asked questions by a volunteer reviewer. A translation may be provided by volunteers at any point during the review process.

Upload instructions

1. Creating an account or Logging in

In order to upload files, you must first create an account and log in. Once you have logged in, proceed to the Upload Wizard.
If you are an experienced user of Wikipedia or other MediaWiki sites, you may use the default upload form, and fill out Template:Information directly on the uploaded file's page.

Pick the appropriate license for your image file(s).
Upload your files

Click the "Select" button and choose the file(s) to be uploaded; you can upload multiple files at once. Once you have chosen your files, click the "Upload" button.

Choose a license

Pick the appropriate license for your image(s). In order to make an image submission, you must grant the Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project non-exclusive rights to use, modify, and republish your work. This is so that we can improve your work's quality (we will never aesthetically modify your work) and include your work in the project anthology that will be sent to Key, Visual Art's, and other relevant publishers. In additional to granting those rights to the project, you may also choose to license your work to everyone under several Creative Commons licenses. These licenses are non-revocable.

Image description
Describe your image(s)

Once you have chosen your license, fill out your image's information.

  • If you would like to rename your image's filename, you can do so by entering a new filename in the "Title" field.
  • You may include a description of your image or file in several languages, but this is not required.
  • You may also add your image to a category, but this is not currently required.
4. You're done! You may now use your images or files with your submissions.

Submission criteria

Image submissions

Fan art and Illustrations
  • These may be submitted in any aspect ratio, size, or file format.
    • It is recommended that the images are at least 300 DPI.
    • Please think logically when choosing your illustration's aspect ratio. Banner sizes (e.g. 1240x250 for the blog) are allowed, but please do not submit images in awkward aspect ratio such as 9:1.
  • NSFW content should be kept to a minimum.
    • Submissions with visible genitals will be rejected.
  • No official art may be used; no tracing.
Cosplay, sculpture, and anything else that are submitted as photos.
  • Please submit your photos at a reasonable resolution, at least 8MP is recommended.
  • NSFW content should be kept to a bare minimum. Yuri/Yaoi-themes are allowed, but no erotic elements may be portrayed.
  • Signatures, Messages, and Website URLs in any language are allowed in images.
  • Photos may be manipulated by others for quality.
    • This may involve moire correction for scans, red-eye correction for cosplays, colour correction, etc.

Message/Letter submissions

  • Submissions in English or Japanese are preferred.
    • Other languages are acceptable but an English or Japanese translation should be provided if possible.
  • Letters must be addressed to either Key, Visual Art's, or an employee thereof.
  • Letters should be of reasonable length (1 page length recommended).
  • Netspeak should be kept to a minimum.
    • Simpler ones such as lol or w are allowed, but refrain from using the more complex ones.
  • Letters should maintain a degree of grammatical and honorific consistency.
  • Poetry is allowed; do not expect anyone to translate them or the translation to be accurate.
  • Letters may be handwritten; please keep the image submission criteria in mind when you submit the scan(s).

Video submissions

  • Videos should be recorded at a sufficient resolution.
  • Reusing official music and art in videos is discouraged but allowed on a case-to-case basis. Use free content or other submissions whenever possible.
    • Music performances (e.g. performing a piano arrangement) are allowed.
  • All materials reused must be properly attributed.


  • Inclusion and translation are not guaranteed.
  • Messages and letters may be edited, e.g. if they contain inappropriate language/grammar.
  • Do not plagiarize
  • While this should be obvious, please keep the submissions Key/Visual Art's-related. Try not to include other titles.
  • We understand that Key's visual novels are not widely available outside of Japan. We therefore do not forbid participants from mentioning their method of acquisition of Key's titles. However, we do request participants to refrain from advocating any viewpoints regarding this matter in their submissions. Unless it is blatantly done so in bad faith, the Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project will not reject any submissions solely based on the contributor's viewpoints and opinions.
  • No dango may be harmed. ( ' ' )