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Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project

July 21, 2013 will be the 15th anniversary of the foundation of Key, the visual novel developer behind fan favourites such as Clannad and Little Busters!. For its creations, Key has enjoyed well-deserved success in Japan, but few of its titles besides their anime adaptations have been released officially overseas.

The Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project is a fan-coordinated effort to reach out to Key and its parent company Visual Art's with an anthology of letters, art, and videos. It follows an earlier attempt that took place around Key's 10th anniversary, which occurred around the uproar over the eroge RapeLay. The project's goal is to demonstrate that Key has an appreciative fanbase outside of Japan that is still open to its visual novels.

The anthology's content will be gathered throughout the preceding year from fan submissions. To submit a letter, image, or video of your own, visit the submission wiki.

Submission Wiki

The Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project uses a MediaWiki installation and the Semantic MediaWiki framework/extension for its submission wiki. It also uses the following extensions:

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