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{{#ask: [[Category:Submissions with Japanese translation missing]]
{{#ask: [[Category:Submissions with Japanese translation missing]]
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| ?Is Translated
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| ?Translator

Latest revision as of 17:31, 5 July 2013

This is is a list of submissions with missing Japanese translations. This is determined by having a non-empty English content field but an empty Japanese content field, and so might contain submissions that do not actually need a translation.

  Is Translated Translator
Submissions/Algazero false Arashi
Submissions/Anonymous133444 false
Submissions/Anonymous611228 false
Submissions/Blanchimont false
Submissions/Canadian Key Fans false
Submissions/Chad Scott false
Submissions/Charles Torihpes false
Submissions/Clannad Man false Cloud668
Submissions/Darijosanatus false himie (es-en), Cloud668
Submissions/Dominator957 false
Submissions/Draken false Arashi
Submissions/Ghallow false
Submissions/Jamey Pauley false
Submissions/Joshua Odneal false
Submissions/Julius Agcopra II false
Submissions/Link2link8 false
Submissions/Melancholie false
Submissions/Meneldal false
Submissions/Michal Zajac false
Submissions/OTC7 false
Submissions/Otamega false 通りすがりの助っ人
Submissions/Rashad Croce false
Submissions/Sabda Utama Rosiadi false
Submissions/Sme0w false
Submissions/Steven Schoenwald false
Submissions/Team Fluffy false dango
Submissions/Tony Shelton false 通りすがりの助っ人
Submissions/Trinh Dong false
Submissions/extremewirehead false
Submissions/miyu-nanami false