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Submission by atlantiza
Name atlantiza
Date 2013/01/09
Location Massachusetts, United States
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed
Content (English)
July 2007. I had only a little interest in anime at that time. I hadn't seen many series. Even so, I wanted to see Air. I don't remember the reason anymore. Maybe there wasn't really a reason in the first place. I quickly watched episodes 1 through 10, probably in just two days. I thought "This series is really good, but it's almost over..." I didn't want to let it end. A week later, I watched episodes 11 through 13. For the first time, an anime made me cry. It was so sad that it was beautiful. The summer of 2008, I watched all of Air in just one day. I cried even more than I did in 2007. Even now (in 2003), when I hear "Tori no Uta", I feel like crying. A happy ending isn't always the best ending. Happy endings usually don't have the power to move people. Sometimes they're even boring and not thought out. Air was so amazing that it helped me love anime. To everyone who worked on Air, thank you so much for creating such a moving story.
Content (日本語)