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Submission by Tony Shelton
Name Tony Shelton
Date 2013/03/24
Location Chicago, Illinois, USA
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Awaiting translation
Translator 通りすがりの助っ人
Content (English)

Congratulations on your 15th anniversary, Key! Out of all of the anime I've watched and visual novels I've played, Key never fails to amaze me with beautiful and emotional stories that I can't find anywhere else. Keep up the good work! Only Key Visual Arts can show all of the beauty and sorrow of true friendship and love all at once and fill one with unique emotions that can only be summed up on one word: youth. I particularly love the work of Jun Maeda and can't wait to play the rumored visual novel version of Angel Beats! that he is allegedly working on. I'm looking forward to seeing just how much the story evolves from the anime and can't wait to spend more time with my favorite heroine of all time, Tachibana Kanade. Humans are imperfect. There is only so much emotion that can come across using words alone, but I can say this: masterpieces such as Angel Beats!, Rewrite, Kanon, Clannad, and last but definitely not least, Little Busters!, are so much more than just games to pass the time, each and every work is a beautiful journey that shows every strength and weakness of the human heart: just how weak we really are, and just how strong we can really be. Every tale as we fall in love and overcome every obstacle to be together is something to be remembered in our hearts and learned from so we ourselves can become better people. I will never forget the lessons I learned from Ayu's selflessness as she wished for the one she loved to be happy, even if it wasn't her that he chose, I will always appreciate the fleeting days spent with friends doing absolutely nothing, because even if we're doing nothing, as long as we're together, that has so much more meaning than anything else, and I will always appreciate every day I'm alive, because as long as I'm alive, and as long as I never give up, it is always possible to secure happiness with my own hands and recieve a good ending. So, on behalf of all of your loving fans in the U.S. and everywhere else, thank you very much for all of your hard work and dedication. Such beautiful works of art cannot be obtained any other way.

Your dedicated fan, Tony Shelton.

P.S. If Key ever decides to make a Rewrite anime, I believe an omnibus format would be the way to go. All of the thrill of falling in love with each heroine and slowly unraveling all of the mysteries of Guardian and Gaia would come across that way. Again, congratulations on your 15th anniversary!