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Submission by Tiberius Patterson
Name Tiberius Patterson
Date 2012/12/26
Location New York, USA
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Translated
Translator Cloud668
Content (English)

Hello, Key.

I am a simple fan, much like many others who have come to appreciate your work. When I first got into anime as a hobby, it was your work that was the first one I viewed. The titles: "CLANNAD" and it's sequel, "CLANNAD: After Story." That was quickly followed by "Kanon" and "Air." Between the music, story and the animation by the studio (Kyoto Animation), their collective impact amounted to a perfect storm of content.

I think, perhaps, what really set me up to sing your praises, and look for more work from you, was "Kanon." Most people look at the story and the animation and the music and say that it was the combination of the three that made it great. Which is true. However, I noticed, at the end, what the title came to represent. The music playing in the ice cream shop was always Johann Pachelbel's "Canon in D major." Being a musician, I noticed this right away but didn't know its meaning until later.

"Wouldn't it be great if the progression of life was like the progression of this song? Nothing would seem to change but everything would get richer, fuller." "Maybe one day when Saiyuri thinks about little Kazuya it won't be with sadness. Maybe the good and bad memories will finally harmonize." --From the 2006/7 English dub version, Episode 14, (15:56 - 16:24 approx.)

Was this not the overall theme of the entire story? Through each arc, a memory was encountered, expanded upon and, finally, laid to rest. Through each experience, Yuichi, changed. Though it was a little bit at a time, his life became more rich and vibrant.

It's these subtleties and nuances that make Key have the fan-base all over the world that it does. You manage to bridge the gap between culture and ethnicity and give the common ground of your story. I'm not saying that your stories can end wars but it can link people in a way that cannot be done via other means.

I am a fan of Key. I believe in your work. I, and the rest of your fans, will be waiting for more.
Content (日本語)


君たちの作品が好きの大勢の人たちと同じく、私はただ、君たちのファンです。私が最初に観たアニメ作品は、君たちの作品「クラナド」と「クラナド アフターストーリー」でした。その後すぐ、「Kanon」と「Air」も観ました。音楽や物語や京都アニメーションの作画が本当に衝撃力があった。


「そうなふうに 一見違いのない毎日を送りながら、でも 少しずつ変わっていけたらいいですよね」 「うん いつか一弥のことも悲しい気持ちだけじゃなく、思い出せるようになるかもしれない」 (2006/7年京都アニメーション版Kanon 第14話 15:56-16:24頃 英語版より)