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Submission by Takoa
Name Takoa
Date 2012/08/31
Location West Sussex, England
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Translated
Translator kb z
Content (English)
At two tough times in my life, the Clannad visual novel and the Clannad anime brought me hope and joy as well as making me laugh out loud and cry several times. They have affected me in ways I can't explain and I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for Clannad. As well as Clannad, I have enjoyed Kanon, Planetarian, Tomoyo After, Little Busters! and Rewrite so much. I felt the same hope, joy and emotion from those works as I did with Clannad. All six are wonderful, beautiful and touching works of art and I thank you so much, Key, for creating such masterpieces. I look forward to playing Air and Kud Wafter eventually as well as your future works. I believe you are the best visual novel creators there are. Please continue to make such inspiring works and to bring so much joy and hope to us all in the future as well. May you last for another fifteen years and many more beyond that.
Content (日本語)

私の人生の二つの厳しい時代に、クラナドビジュアルノベルとクラナドアニメが私に希望や喜びを与えました、何回も大笑いになった、涙も出たことがたくさんあった。クラナドが説明できない方法で私に影響を与えた。今日の私は私でいることをクラナドのおかげだ思っています。クラナドと同じようにKanon、Planetarian、智代アフター、リトルバスターズ!、Rewriteにも希望や喜び、色んな感情を感じました。全6作品はすばらしくて綺麗で感動的で、Keyがそれを作ったことに感謝しています。Kud WafterやAirや将来の作品にもを楽しみにしています。あなた達が最高のビジュアルノベル作者を私はそう信じています。このような感動的な作品を作り続けてください、私たちにこんな大希望や大喜びを与え続けてください。