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Submission by Steven Schoenwald
Name Steven Schoenwald

Masato Inohara Cosplay.jpg

Date 2013/02/25
Location Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Submission Type Yes Image Yes Letter
Image Type Yes Cosplay
Status Yes Reviewed
Content (English)

To all those that participated in bringing Key's works to life, be it through visual novels, anime, or audio soundtracks:

I thank you for your commitment to creating highly immersive worlds for people to experience and explore. Your works are noteworthy for not only the incredible narratives you've designed, but also for their ability to establish empathic connections with those from varied backgrounds, even those who would otherwise be uninterested in anime or Japanese culture. Your storywriters, composers, animators, producers, etc. are undeniable talents whom have the potential to be universally recognized on an international stage. I look forward to that inevitable day, as your collective influence will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the world.

Best wishes from an inspired admirer to each of you.


Steven Schoenwald