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Submission by Sabda Utama Rosiadi
Name Sabda Utama Rosiadi
Date 2013/03/21
Location Indonesia
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Unreviewed
Content (English)

To : Mr. Jun Maeda

Dear sir,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Sabda Utama Rosiadi. I am from Indonesia. I am one of the overseas big fans of yours. I also represent my friends for their gratitude for your works

The first time i know about Key's visual novel is from anime Clannad which i watched about 4 years ago. Clannad ~After Story~ was ranked first for a few months and still placed not lower than the 10th rank until now in some international anime review website, also many people give excellent rating in their reviews plus make a statement that "Clannad is Life", and that's why i try to watch that first.

In my opinion, Clannad is not very good, but it's awesome and near perfect. It's been a long time i haven't see a series that expose how real life is going. That's really inspire me a lot especially in Clannad ~After Story~. Because it's interesting, i watch previous series (Air, Kanon), Air is excellent but to be honest Kanon is good but not exceed the others. Because it is very good, i recommend those anime to people who don't know what is anime or if they are seeking a good drama story.

I found out that the author is you who write most of the stories from an uploaded video news about the release of Angel Beats! which is included an interview with the author. From that, i watch Angel Beats! too and the quality of story still amuse me and also more inspiration comes out after i watch this. The best part is Yui's dream when she meets Hinata while she is disabled in the living world. And also i watch Little Busters! because it interest me to watch it.

The style of stroytelling is really interesting in my opinion. Starting from funny and stupid joke scene, and then the mood get downhill when the story reach the climax. But the ending is turned into the most heart-warming scene. That style is absolutely accepted by all people who like to read a story.

I also found out about your hobby collecting a lot of music CD from the notes in your manga works, Hibiki no Mahou, that's really something for me to know why you can make a good music for the BGM. I love your music creation, it really fit on the story mood. Actually i read it from online hosting manga because it's not available in my country. And also, this is the first time i see you write a magical girl story, but unfortunately it's hiatus for years. Surprisingly, it's continued recently when i write this letter. I'm glad to see you back to become an author, i'm waiting for that and also i will buy the original copy when it's available in my country or sold in english language in an online shop. Of course, i hope your manga is adapted into anime again because your fans is waiting for your next work.

Actually, i bought online the original copy of those visual novel especially Clannad, Rewrite and Tomoyo After and use translation patch from fansub translator to translate it into english which language is i know for well. And also I purchase online the DVD version of the anime.

That's all for my letter, also I hope you come back to become story author because all people knows you as the best author for slice of life story. I feel sad when you state that you stop writing story after Little Busters! in the interview for Angel Beats! release.

regards, Sabda

e-mail  :

twitter : @Sabda_Sableng
Other information
To translator, please translate "I" to word "ore" and you to "kimi" or more proper kind. I prefer that way, thanks