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Submission by Quellatalo
Name Quellatalo
Date 2012/08/30
Location Viet Nam
Submission Type Yes Letter Yes Video
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Translated
Translator Cloud668
Content (English)

My name is Nin, I've been a fan of Key since 2009, after I watch CLANNAD anime though a recommendation of a friend. After finish two seasons of CLANNAD, I also watch Kanon and AIR. It's kinda strange that I didn't like this genre but I love these anime so much. I also want to play the games, but unfortunately I don't know Japanese. I will learn Japanese when I have more time.

Besides the very touching stories, what I love the most in Key's works is the music. I even saved my allowance to buy a digital piano and started learning. I reproduced (using mainly my hearing ability) few (four) songs from the album "ピアノの森" by 水月陵

When I heard the news about Little Busters! becoming an anime, I was very excited although I haven't played the game. I even reproduced the piano piece "glassware" in the album "Little Busters! Ecstasy Tracks"

I made those as close as the original as I could. I also upload the score sheets I transcribed for those pieces. If these works of mine do any harm to Key, I will take them all down. Or if these works are allowed to be submitted, I will try to make better recordings/videos/scores.

After seeing this site, I'm exited even more. I also give a try on Natsukage by KIYO (Re-feel album) This song (夏影) and Dango Daikazoku/Chiisana Te no Hira are my favorites and they have been my alarm clock and ringing tone for years.

I'm not a person with much words nor fluent in English, still, I tried to write; and really, I love Key. I'm looking forward to Little Busters! anime.
Content (日本語)

私はNinと言います。私は友達の紹介でクラナドのアニメ版を見た後、2009年からずっと、Keyのファンでした。クラナドの両方のシーズンを見た後、KanonとAIRも見ました。こういうジャンルが苦手のでなんか変ですが、 私はそのアニメが大好きです。ゲーム版もやりたいですが、残念ですが、日本語が分かりません。時間があれば、必ず日本語を学べます。


リトルバスターズ!アニメ化のニュースを聞いた時、ゲームをやったことがないけど、本当にわくわくしました。「リトルバスターズ! エクスタシートラックス」からのピアノ曲、「glassware」を再現しました。


このサイト(注釈: 本計画のサイトのこと)を見た後、もっと興奮にしました。アルバム「Re-feel」からKIYOがアレンジした夏影をやってみました。この曲とだんご大家族と小さな手のひらは私の気に入った曲です。ずっとアラーム音と着信音として設定しました。