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Submission by Otamega
Name Otamega
Date 2012/12/25
Location Venezuela
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Awaiting translation
Translator 通りすがりの助っ人
Content (English)

Hi, guys! I’ll always be grateful for such a pleasure like reading your visual novels. I can't even describe how I felt when I read Planetarian, ONE (I know that this it's not Key but many of the actual Key team worked on it). Or when I see Air, Kanon, Angel Beats! and Clannad's anime (next task: read the novels), Little Busters! (the best of all) and now Rewrite (which is amazing in so many ways). Thank you very much for making that wonderful games, after I started this kind of games, they definitely became my favorites (I mean the visual novels). Remember that even out of Japan, Key has wonderful fans waiting for the next novel. We are very grateful toward all the Key team. Greetings from Venezuela (even here Key has a little footprint).

Keep the good work and congratulations!