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Submission by Michal Zajac
Name Michal Zajac
Date 2013/03/27
Location Poland
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed
Content (English)

Dear Staff of Key,

It's been 15 years for all of you already? I think I started my journey with KEY with Kanon anime that was released in 2006. That was just the beginning, AIR, then Clannad, then Clannad ~After Story~. Soon after that I thought I should really see how the adaptations compare the the original story so I started reading the visual novels. That escalated very quickly. The strange, yet adorable art by Itaru Hinoue combined with elaborate and touching story writing by Jun Maeda got me addicted in no time. Another appropriate to do here would be to express my amazement at Mr. Maeda who seems to be a jack of all trades - music and lyrics he creates are inexpressibly fitting.

By the time I was done with Kanon and Clannad the release of Little Busters! was rapidly approaching and once again I became engrossed in reading (Do not Distrub stickers sometimes work magic). This is do I put it? This is...MUSCLE REVOLUTION! Jokes aside, Little Busters! is one of the visual novels I profusely enjoyed straight from the beginning. Be it plot, dialogues, mini games, music, art, you name it - it all fell into places like puzzles creating a masterpiece (my favourite little detail you did in Little Busters! are those random dialogues during baseball practice) comparable to Clannad. Speaking of Clannad, essays have been written about Clannad so I will keep this short - I shed many tears but I don't think it is a, quoting Maeda himself, "(...)wall that I will never be able to get over again.". I believe Mr. Maeda will be able to show what he is made of with the release of Angel Beats visual novel.

Now I'd like to talk a little bit about Rewrite, first my praise goes to Shinji Orito for great music, I love it. As for the scenario, while widely different form KEY's original scenarios this is also quite good. I believe that Mr. Tanaka, Mr. Tonokawa and Ryukishi07 did a good job here. I have been quite wondering how it would turn out given the unique setting of the game but it turned out just fine. Now the only thing left for me is to eagerly await the Angel Beats! visual novel. At the end I would like to thank the whole KEY staff for the effort they put in the visual novels we read. I can doubtlessly say that they changed my outlook on the daily elements of our daily lives and my outlook on the life a whole. Once again, thanks for you magnificent games! Keep it up!

Best wishes,

Michal Zajac (Quintasan)