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Submission by Link2link8
Name Link2link8
Date 2013/03/29
Location UK, Bristol
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed
Content (English)

Dear Key, I want tell a quick story, it won’t be long and I hope you spend the time to read this. 3 years ago I had a horrible personality. No aspirations, no goals, and I had nothing planned in the future except for a dead end job with an average pay. All of this taking place during the first year of college, I avoided those that tried to befriend me and those I was friends with I gave blunt responses and the cold shoulder. I wasn’t trying to push anyone away and such on purpose, at the time I didn’t think much into my actions simply because I didn’t know what to do with my life, I remember someone saying that there are two ways of living, first is living in awareness of your own worthlessness or living with the fact that the world around you is worthless. Negative yeah, but to a certain degree is true, that’s what I had thought most of my time growing up. One day, I decided to help a friend pick up his stuff from a hospital, it wasn’t anything specific just a lot of luggage due to staying at the hospital for a month. It was then where it happened. It was during that time I met a girl around the same age as me in sitting in a bed in one of the hospital rooms, she dropped something onto the floor, I ended up walking over, picking it up and handing it over, and one thing led to another and we ended up speaking for hours. Eventually I ended up visiting her every so often, she had no parents and was getting weaker every day, I won’t go into the details to what the illness was and such, either case I didn’t notice any of this during that time, just having someone to talk to on the same level was a joy on its own. She had no aspirations, no goals, but was very positive about the world and everything around her, a rare kind of girl you’d never expect to meet anywhere else, that led to me to one question at the time, why is it that someone who could easily have a bright future, was in the hospital like this? The one thing I wanted more than anything was to switch places with her, she was optimistic, I was pessimistic, and we no goals in life. I was there during her final moments, it was around then I learnt about her illness, the fact that she no longer had any parents, and that time was about to run out. Her last sentence was “Thank you.” And, with a smile. I broke down for two weeks because of what happened, and during those two weeks it snowed non-stop. And eventually so I came to a resolve, that I’d live for that girl’s sake, that I’ll live for something meaningful. I realised that you don’t move on from the things you love, you live on for them instead, and that I’ll become a better person for the future is what I promised. Thank you for spending the time to read part of my life story, there’s wasn’t a message I wanted to get across in there, it’s just I want to thank the people at Key for the works you write, I ended up being a huge fan of key over the last 7 years and that whenever I read/watch/play a story from Key I’m reminded of that one event in my life that felt as if it was taken completely out of fiction. Thank you Key for your hard work and I look forward to more amazing works from you in the future! Also a special thank you to Maeda Jun, your works the most has touched me the most and will continue to motivate me in life as I move forward. Best regards for the future,

Harry Howlett