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Submission by Joshua Odneal
Name Joshua Odneal

Kotomi After4.png

Date 2013/01/03
Submission Type Yes Image Yes Letter
Image Type Yes Fan art
Status Yes On hold
Content (English)

I just have to say.... I love you Key... I really love you... Your stories, while tragic are some of the greatest I have ever seen / read in my life! I happened to watch Clannad on a whim on Netflix and that's all it took for me to become hooked. After than was Angel Beats!, Then AIR, Little Busters!... I started playing Clannad, Tomoyo After and Little Busters! as well. Spending hours sitting at my computer playing / reading. You creating the most amazing music and sountracks that I have ever heard in my life. I can waste an entire day doing nothing but listening to Key soundtracks and remembering the stories they come from. Some are sad to remember but the music is nothing short of the most amazing sounds I have ever heard in my life! Thank you KEY! I love you.

Please make English translated games. I will gladly buy them!!!
Other information
Put on hold because of the image; we might not include it as it contains mostly of CGs from the game.