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Submission by James Benjamin Latta
Name James Benjamin Latta
Date 2013/01/29
Location United States
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Translated
Translator Ixrec
Content (English)

Dear Key,

I won't hesitate when I say that your games have played a great deal in shaping my life. Before I discovered "Clannad" (the first I played of your games), I was merely living to see the next day. Being the kind of person I am, I had no major emotional ties to anyone; not even my own parents. But that fateful day I met the girl at the foot of the hill, the one who was afraid to return to school, was the day my life also took a new route. The characters in your game were the first "people" I ever had any real emotional empathy with, and that new feeling carried over to people in the material world. Now I don't live to see the next day, I live to help those who I love; those who are my greatest treasure. In short, thank you. You are all amazing people with amazing minds, and this fifteen-year-old american would play your games to the end time if his mortality allowed it. You've touched so many on a level deeper than you could possibly fathom, and I hope that you continue to do so for as long as time allows.

Forever in your debt for the experiences you've given me, James Benjamin Latta
Content (日本語)

あなたたちのゲームは私の人生を大きく変わったと認めることを厭わない。クラナド(最初プレイしたキーゲーム)を発見した前は、明日を見るためだけに生きてきた。私はそうであったから、誰とも感情的な繋がりはありませんでした。両親も例外ではありません。でもその運命的な日、学校に帰ることを恐れた少女と坂の麓で出会ってから、人生の方向が切り替えました。そのゲームのキャラは始めて共感した “人”でした。そしてそういう感情は現実の人へ移り変わった。今は明日を見るためじゃなく、最大の宝である愛する人たちを助けるために生きている。簡単に言うと、ありがとう。あなたたちは凄い精神を持った凄い人です。寿命が無限だったら、この十五歳のアメリカ人はあなたたちのゲームを時が果てるまでプレイします。多くの命を理解しがたいほど深く影響しました、そしてそれを時が許す限り続けることを希望します。