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Submission by Harrison Jones
Name Harrison Jones
Date 2013/04/25
Location Australia
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Translated
Translator Harrison Jones
Content (English)

Dear Key Visual Arts,

There is much I would like to say, however if I did then I'd write forever and it would be too long.

First, thank you. Ever since I first watched CLANNAD I have continued to watch as much of Key's works as possible. I have also played CLANNAD and Little Busters to the end. There are many people outside of Japan who have seen Key's games and anime, however not everybody can understand them without translated subtitles.

For three years I have been studying Japanese, it has been difficult but I want to be a translator in the future. This year Key will become fifteen years old! Outside of Japan many people want Key's works in English. The people who wrote here want to read Key's Visual Novels.

If non-Japanese readers could also read and understand Key's Visual Novels, they would be really happy. Please, for all of us, could you try to translate Key's works! I love CLANNAD and I love Little Busters, in the future I want many more people to enjoy those beautiful stories as well.

Thank you for reading this.


Harrison Jones
Content (日本語)