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Submission by Geinonen
Name Geinonen

Submission picture.JPG

Date 2013/04/02
Location Finland, Jyväskylä
Submission Type Yes Image Yes Letter
Image Type Yes Other
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Translated
Translator Cloud668
Content (English)

From Little Busters to Shinda Sekai Sensen

From Nagisa's Drama club to Kotarou's Oka★Ken (Occult club in jpn version?)

From Demon hunting to Rewriting oneself

From Light-hearted Common routes to Tear-Inducing character routes

From simple Love and Courage to Alternative Dimensions

These are just bits from our memories with the time spent with Key. These memories are also something that has pushed many people forward, and have given them strength. A certain boy was one of them. He didn't study, leave home or talk to anyone. He was someone who was really(/truly) alienated from society.

One day the boy were invited into a group, who were just having fun with life. The boy joined them reluctantly, for he had never been really intrested in something that includes other people. Nevertheless, he joined them, and found himself somehow intrested in the strange people he met. They all seemed normal in the beginning, but after spending some time with them, he learned new sides for their personalities.. He learned that maybe people aren't as shallow as he thought, and that maybe he himself isn't the only one who has the right to whine about his life. The group taught him many new things he hadn't considered before. Looking for new things in life. Not to give up when facing hardships. Their words resonated strongly within his heart.

Due to this small push, his life started to move again. He started to study again, and think about what he would want to do in the future.

Nowadays the boy is one of the organizers in the largest anime-convention in his country, and is sorrounded by a a circle of people he can really call: ”Friends” for the first time in years.

For a long time the boy has wanted to thank the people who had let him join the group, which had started his life anew. Atlast in the form of book, his wish has been granted.

That boy has carved a starfish as a small thanks for everything you (Key) has done for him. May it give you motivation to continue in your work even in the darkest times, as you've done the same to us.

With these messages, we from the Key Daikazoku Finnish branch want to give our thanks to:

Shinji Orito, Key Sounds Label and everyone who helped in making of the memorable songs and BGM's for Key's works

Hinoue Itaru and Na-Ga and all the people in graphics department for making awesome CGs, and the most memorable characters who you can't help but to fall in love over and over again

and of course Maeda Jun and all the writers who've made all this possible with their funny commotions and tearjerking stories, which have given birth to the alternate dimensions where hearts resound(LB reference), and where weary souls may find relief (angel beats ref)

Kiitokset sydämiemme pohjasta Key!

"When you are happy, then I am happy too. When I am happy, then you are happy too. Repeat this over and over again, and you get an endless Spiral of Happiness" -Kamikita Komari
Content (日本語)













折戸伸治さんとKey Sounds Label、そしてKeyの作品のBGMを手伝ったすべての人。




「だからほら、君が幸せになると、私も幸せ。私が幸せになると、君も幸せ。ずーっとずーっと繰り返して、ほら、幸せスパイラル」- 神北小毬