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Submission by Flare77
Name Flare77
Date 2012/09/08
Location Philippines
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Translated
Translator Ixrec
Content (English)

Hi to those of KEY who will read this. I'm a big fan of Visual Arts Key and all the Visual Novels it has produced(Well... starting from Clannad atleast). All your visual novels has taught me some very important lessons in life that I wouldn't have ordinarily encountered in my daily life. Let me elaborate.

First I would like to say that me and my dad aren't on good terms. I'm mostly alone at home and I get irritated whenever we spend time together. And then Clannad was introduced to me. I played the game and watched the anime and cried. It taught me that being a parent isn't easy especially when raising a son as a single father. When Tomoya reconciled with his father it reminded me of how much hardship my dad had to go through to raise me well and keep me in school. And when Ushio died it made me understand the pain of losing the most important person you could have. I would like to thank you for this.

Next is Angel Beats! In every person's life there comes a time when we lose the reason why we keep living on. I can attest to that because I had my fair share of moments where I wondered if there was really a reason for me to live. When I watched Angel Beats! I thought it was one of those comedy antic shows that gives comic relief but how wrong was I. Angel Beats! had a more deeper meaning to it. It taught me that the reason of one's life is not just for himself. We live to because of other people and other people live because of us. Life's importance is not how rich you become, how famous you are, or how much power you have amassed... in Angel Beats! life is about giving your life for other people. And I just love how it emphasizes that even in death we can still give our lives for other people... (no offense but I wish you explained the deaths of the other characters...) Ahh I cried here too...

And Lastly is Little Busters!... Honestly Little Busters! is the first game I've played under KEY and I was very impressed with the complex storyline. Little Busters! is essentially, for me, about friends supporting friends to get stronger. I'm one of those guys who have a lot of friends but very little childhood ones because my father and me moved from town to town a lot. In this game I realized how much important friends are. Friends are not just people whom you can rely on when you are in need but they are people who support you and help you become a better person. I now appreciate the value of friends because of this game and for that thank you very much!

I know simple words cannot convey my true appreciation to you guys but I hope in this little way I can express my thanks and hope that you guys continue the good work!

Currently Im playing Rewrite and I have great hopes for it. Too bad the routes are not fully translated yet so Im putting it on hold... I hope Little Busters! the anime will be a great hit! well... I KNOW it will be a great hit because it's a game from you guys.

I wish I've played Air and Kanon so I can learn things about it so I'll make sure to watch the anime and play the game soon... Keep up the awesome work and congratulations on your 15th anniversary!
Content (日本語)