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Submission by Derick and Shistine
Name Derick and Shistine

Dango Daikazoku Pottery.jpg

Date 2013/04/27
Location USA
Submission Type Yes Image Yes Message
Image Type Yes Fan art
Status Yes Unreviewed
Content (English)

To everyone at Key, congratulations on your 15th anniversary! My little sister made this ceramic Dango Daikazoku. She and I love Key's works. In particular, we were deeply moved by Clannad.

Key's works will always have a special place in my heart. I look forward to your next ones.

Thank you for everything!
Content (日本語)

Keyの皆さんへ、十五周年おめでとう! 妹はこの陶器のだんご大家族を作った。 妹と私はKeyの作品が大好きです。 特に、私たちはClannadに感動した。

Keyの作品はいつも私の心に特別な場所になります。 次の作品を楽しみにしてます。