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Submission by Bas
Name Bas
Date 2013/02/14
Location Netherlands
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Translated
Translator Ixrec
Content (English)

Dear Employees of Key, My first time encountering something by Key was several years ago. When I was browsing music on Youtube, a video called "Little Busters" caught my attention among the recommended videos. However, at that time I was completely ignorant about the Japanse culture; so I thought it sounded childish. I didn't know that I was completely wrong about that, and now I wish I would have checked it out back then so I could find out how completely awesome it is!

However around one year ago, someone recommended me to watch anime; and so I did, and got interested in the Japanese culture. During summer I was checking the upcoming anime in Japan, and there was one anime that caught my attention: Little Busters!. For some reason I remembered that I saw this title before (maybe it was fate) and I remembered what I thought about it back then. Since at that time I was more familiar with the Japanese culture, so I already knew I might have been wrong about it being childish, and considered checking it out. As time passed, I got slightly more interested in the anime; until some day I randomly bought a Noumi Kudryavka figure at an online store; without knowing I would like the anime or not. After that moment I got very excited about the upcoming anime of Little Busters, without knowing anything about it.

Few weeks before the airing I was extremely excited; however this excitement was based on nothing and I could have been wrong, so to find out what kind of stories you make and whether I might like it, I decided to check another work of yours: Clannad. I did see some good anime before watching Clannad, but none of them managed to make me fall in love with that anime as early as Clannad did. Already in the first few episodes I knew this was a masterpiece; it already starts with some funny comedy, Sunohara (and later Nagisa's dad) who will make me, followed by some great drama; Fuko's story affected me deeply; touched my heart and maked me shed a few tears; followed by Kotomi's arc which was great as well. After a beautiful ending of the first season I got to Afterstory; and I cried a lot. Now I just have to read about all the sad things that happened in Clannad to make my eyes tear up; and Clannad is something I won’t forget for the rest of my life. I certainly hope I will be able to play the original visual novel of Clannad in the near future, so I can experience the story once more.

Back to Little Busters, when the first episode finally aired; my expectations where confirmed to be true. Loving it since the first episode. What I especialy like in the anime, is to see all the members working together to solve their problems. Currently, the anime is very heartwarming for me; even though I know terrible things will happen. At some point I couldn't wait anymore and wanted to discover the 'secret of the world'; so I decided to play the visual novel. It only took me a few days to finish because I couldn’t stop. I loved all the girl’s arcs, especially Haruka’s, which was my favorite. And when I finally was able to start Refrain, I was very happy because I knew I was close to the secret of the world. But when I saw the first picture when I started it up, I was shocked because I just realized what happened. And when Kyousuke told me the secret of the world I was even more shocked because I knew my fears where true. I found the game extremely cruel, because I couldn’t prevent something very bad from happening; and I have been crying for quite a long time.

I also plan on starting to play Rewrite in a few days, but I already know it will be awesome.

Not only are the stories great, but also the art and the music; when I drive in my car I often listen to music from your visual novels, and I my room contains various merchandise based on your visual novels, such as figures, artbooks and posters. My life would be hard to imagine without Key, so thank you for all your great visual novels. And I hope I can enjoy more of your works in the future, so already looking forward to it.

Kind Regards,

Bas, a Key/Little Busters fan from Holland
Content (日本語)

キーの職員へ、 キーの作品に遭遇したのは何年前。ユーチューブで音楽を探してる時、“リットルバスターズ”というビデオが注意を引きました。しかし、その時の私は日本文化をまったく知らなかったから子供っぽいと想いました。まったく勘違いしたのは知りませんでした。今はすぐに調べなかったことを深く後悔しています。







-Bas, オランダからキー/リットルバスターズのファン