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Submission by Allen Q
Name Allen Q
Date 2013/01/01
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Translated
Translator Ixrec
Content (English)


Every once in a while I see something Clannad related and I'm instantly reminded of the great joy of an experience I had because of it.

I started with the anime, and the first episode caught my interest as a fun, humorous, and vibrant series. Little did I expect the whirlwind of emotions you had in store. Being quite a stoic person myself, the later episodes of After Story surprised me - it was the first time I felt tears in my eye from something fictional. I felt such an unbelievable connection with the characters that you built up for 25 entire episodes that I was apparently moved when tragedy struck. Never, in all the books, movies, and plays that I have read and seen, had I experienced the level of emotion that I felt when watching Clannad.

After watching it, I immediately recommended it to everyone I knew. And I mean everyone - not just the people I know to enjoy anime. "Clannad is the human experience itself" was what I told them. Since my first watching I have gone through the series twice. I still laugh and smile at clips I find on Youtube. Sometimes, I even wish that I could "unwatch" it, just to go through the experience again. I even went through the visual novel, just to get more out of the characters, and I wasn't disappointed.

The music was perhaps one of the most touching parts of the ending scene with Nagisa on the hill. The piano piece, titled "渚~坂の下の別れ" has since been one of my favorite pieces to play, and every time I play it in public, a listener approaches me for the name of the piece.

Please continue your wonderful work. I'd be especially happy if you could try to negotiate anime adaptations, so your characters and stories can be accessible to all.


A fan
Content (日本語)