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Submission by Alex0714
Name Alex0714
Date 2012/12/28
Location Costa Rica
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Translated
Translator Ixrec
Content (English)

Dear Key:

First of all, i have to thank you so much for your great work at making awesome stories. The first thing i knew about your company, was with the anime adaptacion of Clannad. I must say that i truly enjoy it and is still one of the best things i have seen in my life. I cried multiple times watching the anime. That was the first time something like that happen to me, i was unbelievable.

My second Key story was Kanon. Also a great story, though i don't like it as much as Clannad but it is because Clannad is just so perfect. Great Characters, Great music, Great story.

My third one was Little Busters! and i must say is my favorite visual novel right now. I love all the girls, especially Rin. Kyousuke is AWESOME. Masato and Kengo has to be the best friends ever. Refrain was maverlous. When the anime adaptation of little busters was announced i was jumping of happiness.

With this, i want to let you know that if it is not for internet, i wouldn't be able to read that lovely stories. i would absolutely buy all of your visual novels if i could get them in english at least(my first language is Spanish)

Please let us enjoy your stories as much as the japanese people.

With this i say farewell, and thank you again for all. Give us the means to give you all the things that Clannad, Kanon, Little busters has give to us.

Content (日本語)