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Submission by Aerdin
Name Aerdin

CCF01132013 0000.pdf

Date 2013/01/15
Submission Type Yes Image Yes Letter
Image Type Yes Fan art
Status Yes Reviewed Yes Translated
Translator Ixrec
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Content (English)

Congratulations on 15 years of amazing work! Your work has always been touching and inspirational and your writing amazing. It takes exceptional skill to write a story that alternates between high points of comedy and low points of tragedy, but you have never failed to deliver a heart wrenching and beautiful tale. You have the most beautiful combination of music and story of any game or story I have experienced.

I am happy to say that even my friends who don't watch anime or play visual novels, will set aside their biases and sit down to enjoy watching your work. It really says a lot about how much people love your work that it is the one thing I can get people who hate animation to watch.

I especially admire the music and writing of Maeda-san. Your lyrics are so beautiful and well written, that I can't help but tear up remembering the stories they represent. For your skill in writing and understanding of relationships, you are a man I respect and admire above all. I hope someday I get the honor of meeting you in person.

Your work is by far my favorite of everything I have even seen or read. It was what got me into watching anime and into playing visual novels, and it remains the most memorable. My art may be poor, but here is my thanks for the memories and lessons I have learned from your work. Once again, congratulations and may you have many more years of amazing work.
Content (日本語)