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Submission by 林子勤(リン・シ・キン)
Name 林子勤(リン・シ・キン)
Date 2013/03/03
Location Singapore
Submission Type Yes Letter
Status Yes Reviewed
Content (English)

To Key: Happy 15th Anniversary!

I live in Singapore, a place at the south of the Malay Peninsula. I first 'met' Key when I watched the CLANNAD anime by Kyoto Animation. From then, I fell in love with Key's stories. From there, I continued with KANON and then AIR. Every single time, I am not disappointed. I think CLANNAD shows what it means to be 'family' and that Little Busters shows what friendship truly is.

To explicate on family, since that one thing I truly hold dear, every heroine's experience in CLANNAD teaches one something about family, perhaps something everyone already knows but they do not act on it. The Fujibayashi sisters show the meaning of having a sibling; the elder protects the younger, but the younger also would like the elder to be happy. The Ichinose family is a protective family, although they are unable to accompany her due to work. There is no doubt that she was always the most important to her parents, no matter their actions towards her. The Sakagami family shows any family at risk of breaking down: it was a miracle brought from the effort of Takafumi that saved it. Fuuko plays the role of a younger sister who wants her elder sister to have as great of a wedding as is possible. All these stories show how family members support one another.

The most important people are, of course, Okazaki and Nagisa. At the beginning of the anime, Okazaki was jaded and dissatisfied with life. His family was effectively broken down and he essentially had no future to look forward to. On a fateful day, Okazaki met Nagisa; it was the beginning of a long journey. He finds 'family' in drama club and, hence, strength. Nobody was at fault for the state of Okazaki's family as everyone's intentions were pure. For Nagisa, there is always a set of lines said by her father that starts "Realise your dreams, Nagisa!" Nagisa has had always shown admirable strength, except for the beginning of that performance. The relationship between Nagisa and her parents is truly most easily described as 'family.' Finally, Nagisa speaks of the town as a family. I think this means that one should extend kindness in general, as what Nagisa has always done.

Very recently, I read Rewrite. I didn't like it as much as CLANNAD or Little Busters as I like really happy endings. I believe Romeo Tanaka is a talented writer, although I would like more happy endings.

Once again, congratulations on your 15th anniversary, Key!
Content (日本語)

Keyへ 第十五記念日おめでとうございます!

私はマレー半島の南、シンガポールに住んでいます。 初めての時は『CLANNAD』アニメを見てのことです。 それから、 ストーリが大好きでした。 それで、 私は続けてでしたで『KANON』と『AIR』を見てでした。 いつだって、私は失望していません。 私に聞いてなれば、『CLANNAD』が家族の意味を示すと思います。 同様に、『リトルバスターズ!』が友情の意味を示すと思います。

『CLANNAD』の全てのヒロインの経験は家族の何かが教えてします。 家族のこと多分誰もご存じですが、誰も何もしません。 藤林姉妹は姉妹の意味示します。 姉は妹を守ります。 妹は姉の幸せ欲しいします。 一ノ瀬家は保護の家族です。 仕事の為に、ことみさんのご両親と彼女付いて出来ません。 でも、 彼女のご両親一番考えことは絶対に彼女です。 坂上家とは家庭崩壊危険にさらされてこと示せします。 幸運にも、 鷹文さ努力のせいで、 奇跡は坂上家助かりました。 風子さんは彼女の姉好い結婚式が願います。 全てのこれらの物語は家族が何の様お互い支持を示します。


最近、 『Rewrite』を呼んでした。 『Rewrite』が『CLANNAD』と『リトルバスターズ!』同程度に好きでなかった。 田中ロミオさんのは才能があると思いますが、 ハッピーエンドを好むです。

又又、 Keyの第十五念日おめでとうございます!
Other information
Translation was provided by the author. Either Ixrec or I will look at it eventually. Cloud668 (talk) 07:35, 23 March 2013 (UTC)