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Key Kickstarter: Full Disclosure Post

To anyone who has seen or heard about the Key15th Kickstarter or is aware of me in some other capacity:

I write to you today utterly dejected. This is not due to my cancellation of the Kickstarter, but rather due to my inability to have overlooked many minor issues which collectively misrepresented the project to many people. The very group which I was trying to benefit, the Key community, I feel that I have instead let down in a way I never thought possible. The worst part is, I only have my own incompetence to blame.

It is important, even necessary, that I provide you with full disclosure regarding every significant issue which has been brought to my attention over these past few days. I want this entire ordeal clarified and resolved as quickly as possible, and this is the best way I know to do so. I offer this of my own accord.

I’m going to present in the order of what I consider my most egregious faults down to those of lesser consequence. First I’ll begin with the mention of ‘The Grand X-Change Co.’ It was mentioned in one line, in parentheses. (‘The production crew is being provided by The Grand X-Change Co. based out of Cleveland, Ohio, USA.’) The GXC Co. is an entity controlled by myself scheduled to be incorporated at the end of the year. Use of the company’s name was inappropriate for several reasons: 1) that line gives the impression that the entity was already incorporated, 2) GXC will not be collecting revenue of any kind, and 3) the videographer(s) for the project would come from one or both of the following studios: BGM Group LLC. (group) & JRS Productions (individual), both based in northern Ohio, USA. Videographers from these studios generally perform local work & have shown an interest in subcontracting with GXC next year for long term projects. While BGM Group is larger and more experienced, having typically worked on smaller productions and local commercials, compensation & time constraints represented a potential issue. Justin Schultz of JRS Productions has limited professional experience but is multidisciplined and offered guaranteed availability for the duration of the production period. The incentive offered to these videographers/editors was that in exchange for their work on the production, they would receive production credits, airfare, sleeping arrangements, paid traveling expenses within Japan, and finally a food stipend. As these studios would be providing the large majority of the production equipment (as well as the associated transport risk), this arrangement represented significant savings regarding the cost of the production.

It was due to the uncertainty regarding which studio(s) might be ultimately be involved in the production that led me to use ‘The Grand X-Change Co.’ as the providers of the production team. In retrospect, this usage appears especially ignorant because it creates a sense of conflict of interest when there otherwise wouldn’t be any. Note: this is what happens when you write and proofread documents in the early hours of the morning. Generally, it’s a bad idea.

Next on my list of errors regards the reward types offered. The OPMs, the polo shirts, Little Busters! Vinyl, and the Memorial Score cannot be offered as they were not directly produced by the project. They were offered as a way to provide Key fans with a variety of interesting items in return for their support. I made an improper assumption that Kickstarter’s 48-hour verification period would identify me of any problems present with the rewards offered. Having identified the project as, “a fan organized effort”, once the project was approved, my estimation was that their rules regarding offered goods may be lax. This may be yet accurate; what didn’t occur to me is that by listing the rewards as such a fashion, people who glance over the project might assume an affiliation and choose to contribute. I am not an impulse buyer; as such, I should have put myself in that mindset when designing the rewards. Versions of the documentary, the arrangement album, and the t-shirt were all custom project rewards allowed by Kickstarter as well as under Key’s derivative works clause.

(Do recall that no monies were ever collected from any of the participants and that the Kickstarter was voluntarily
shut down due to concerns being raised about its legitimacy.)

Third, some felt it would be helpful to see the breakdown of costs for the project. That request seems wholly appropriate; the *estimated* costs of the Kickstarter were allocated as follows:

Amount Requested: $20,159

Room Expenses: $1,736 (3 adults, 16 nights)

Plane Tickets: $5,328 to $6,735 (3 Tickets, United, No Tax, CLE to KIX [Osaka], Jan 1st to Jan 17th), as of July, subject to price increases as the departure dates get closer

Food: $2,040 ($40 a day for 3 people)

Universal Train Passes: $1,833 (3 people, two week)

Additional Production Equipment: $1,253

MISC Expenditures / ‘Buffer’ Funds: $500

Cost of Rewards: $4,229 (Approximated at 30% of trip/editing expenditures)

Kickstarter Fees: $1,833 (Approximated at 10% of all other project costs)

All additional costs were to be borne by myself or additional funds raised by the Kickstarter.

Fourth, regarding the second Kickstarter update: when Takahiro Baba tweeted his concern about the project after being told of its suspicious nature, I considered how the situation could be approached. I chose to have a sense of optimism, believing that I could quickly respond, explain what my intentions were, and clear up any misunderstandings quickly. I even thought that I might be able to use the campaign as a way to quantify signs of enthusiasm from members of the Key community to suggest that there was a stronger potential for profitability in localizing Key games than what he might otherwise have thought. For those that may not be aware, one of the strongest sentiments (outside of gratitude) that fans submitted in their letters to the Key15th Anniversary Letter Project was to have the games officially localized; I too hold this sentiment, and felt that a unique opportunity was presented to convey fans’ feelings on the subject. Unfortunately, I am not particularly competent in Japanese and could not find a way to convey my thoughts without another’s assistance. (Thus is the problem many international Key fans face; only a very small percentage of these people know Japanese, so how could the studio or Visual Art’s possibly be expected to know of the substantial fandom expressed by those who are unable to communicate with them?) By the time I realized I would unable to find a translator to assist with my efforts, it was already too late for me to modify the Kickstarter update, making it almost seem like a mockery. Unable to communicate my intentions or those of fans, and with growing suspicion surrounding the documentary due to lacking information, the logical course of action seemed to be to shut down the project and evaluate everything people were now posting about on various social networks, blogs, etc.

Fifth, people chose to ask what locations would be traveled to. This information was intended to be shared with everyone as time went on; as of the last time I checked the document, there were 74 locations from Key works (and their respective anime adaptations) which were identified with a handful of other ‘bonus material’ locations which were on route. However, as it stands, the list is incomplete; I intended to map out several other locations I had identified over the coming weeks. Due to weather, unexpected closures, holidays, etc., not all of the locations were going to be covered, though it provided the project with flexibility going forward. (I’d still like to release the completed location list on Google Maps at a later time, however.)

Sixth, some people have mentioned that I should be ashamed for claiming other people’s credit for having claimed to have led the English localization projects for Clannad, Little Busters!, and Tomoyo After. I have never had any intention of taking credit for other people’s work. I oversaw and helped restart the VN Division at Doki for a time and organized for those projects to be continued by Doki from the prior project masters. As patches from Doki for Clannad & Little Busters! have not yet been released, some people feel that terminology is more appropriate than saying I ‘led’ them. To me, the terminology seems like a minor issue; I give all the credit in the world to the previous project leaders and contributors to these projects for having made the sacrifices necessary to spread Key’s beautiful stories to fans around the world. Early work on Clannad, Kanon, etc. was instrumental in fostering my interest in Key works, and I hold nothing but appreciation for having been exposed to it.

To those at Baka-Tsuki, including Velocity7 – Do not punish Key’s fans by preventing Doki from continuing their work on Clannad. The errors are my doing, not theirs; punishing either of them is senseless, especially since I haven’t been actively associated with Doki for some time. As Key fans who really believe in the message which underlines Key works, one of family, comradely, and friendship, I would hope that you would be willing to continue to accept an effort from those with the same values as yourselves.

While my errors have been careless, incompetent, foolish, and have led some to believe me to be a scam artist, I would actually like to thank those who called out these problems (though it would have been nice if I was contacted directly first so this ordeal could have been presented). While I had done preparation work on the project for months, I posted the Kickstarter up quickly and had grown complacent in my assumptions that I hadn’t made any glaring errors. I became overconfident; no one, not even I, would be stupid enough to knowingly put their reputation on the line with legitimate concerns present. I maintain that my intentions through every part of this process were purely honest, albeit poorly executed. I’ve made mistakes and will continue to reflect on the process I went through to make sure I never make the same mistakes again.

I mentioned on the Kickstarter page FAQ that I went through the platform to allow for open accountability. That’s exactly what I got; for this reason, I can be glad that the system worked. I would very much encourage someone to continue this effort if they are so inclined, as the early success of the project suggests that there is a demand for such a documentary to take place.

With that, I hope that any issues regarding this Kickstarter are hereby resolved. It’s not Key15th’s fault, it’s not Cloud668’s fault, and it’s not Doki’s or any other group’s fault. These issues were a result of my actions alone.

I don’t know if my words will reach whoever is reading this, but nonetheless, I offer my sincere apologies for anyone who may have been affected or adversely affected by the existence of this Kickstarter in any way. I tried to get this going in a limited timeframe, and that caused me to make careless errors and take shortcuts in my personal review process which I would never otherwise find acceptable. My intentions have always been to spread the joy of Key works with as many people as possible and to be a part of the vibrant community that has been fostered. I would love to continue to do so and sincerely hope I will not be ostracized for my errors. As those that know me can attest, I would never intentionally do something to harm the Key community.

This has been a very long few days. I need to rest. I wish everyone reading all the best.

- Clannad Man

132 comments to Key Kickstarter: Full Disclosure Post

  • khorne11

    Hang in there dude, I’m sure everything will turn out ok, if the project ever get’s resumed I’ll be sure to donate as much as I can. I wish you the best of luck, you seem far too nice a person to be running any kind of scam, and far too nice of a person to be caught up in this kind of mess.
    Best wishes, Glenn

  • hahha

    I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.

  • 童貞野郎

    Wow, it’s incredible how many excuses you’re pulling out for every single thing you list here — all of which are things that Delwack forced you to say, and nothing beyond that. What a joke.

    • Rokudaime

      He’s thoroughly apologizing for everything that he did, and I believe he covered everything. Not sure what else you want before you’re satisfied. If you just don’t believe him, then it won’t matter what he says, you’ll just keep on hating on him I guess. I believe they aren’t excuses, but truthful statements about what actually happened. I don’t believe he’s lying or that he was actually trying to scam anyone. From the long time I’ve observed him being active in the Doki community, I can say for sure that:

      1. He is both more passionate and more knowledgeable about KEY than most, including other KEY fans.
      2. He is a properly nice guy who loves to spread the word of KEY and help people with any questions they may have about KEY-related topics, if it is within his power to answer.

      He mad a lot of dumb mistakes, and there were major issues with his Kickstarter project, but I don’t believe he had malicious intentions.

  • Kaisos

    I love your technique, can you teach me all about how to write a huge apology post without actually apologizing at all?

    • Sambuca

      I’d have more respect for it if he admitted he fucked up badly and apologized without making excuses, instead of dancing around the point without actually saying anything of value.

    • Rokudaime

      I’m not seeing it…I think he’s apologizing quite a lot in his post, and it seems sincere enough to me. I think his post is quite thorough, and covered everything (I can’t think of anything that he missed at the moment at least…). My only problem with it is that he’s refering to all his mistakes as “minor issues” in his second sentence, when in fact many of them are (imo) quite major problems. That’s trivializing things…

  • Barry Sanders

    I hope TLWiki Illuminati show up to your house and shotgun you to death for this injustice.

    What I’m saying is that I hope you die. Because you deserve to not be living on the same planet as me.

    • jakeman95

      I do hope this statement DOESN’T reflect on the average intelligence of the people bitching about this. Granted there were fuckups on CMs part, none of them are worth wanting him or anyone to die, and just suggesting such is more illogical and juvenile that I can even imagine. Please do continue hiding behind your anon face and enjoy it cause it’s obvious that you haven’t grown up enough to join the real adult world where some people actually take responsibility for their actions.

    • Rokudaime

      Unbelievable…Please get off the internet and stop infecting us with your malicious garbage, you immature brat. -_-

  • Amazing job on not apologizing while trying to look like you are. Have you considered running for congress? Excuses all the way!

  • khorne11

    Guys this is seriously useless, bombarding him with insults and trolling will not change what happened, he is clearly regretting what he did, I think it would be best to leave this alone. Hopefully he will make some kind of a statement clearing this up. Try your best to look at it from his perspective, quite frankly you people are just being foolish and one sided about this, I may be wrong, but I strongly doubt he had any malicious intentions about the whole thing.

  • khorne11

    I’m done, you are disgusting people, seriously I don’t get how you guys function, probably some kind of mental disorder, have a good night. Even if what he did was malicious you guys are blowing this way out of proportion.

  • khorne11

    Yes a formal, legitimate apology would be nice, check that, I believe it is required, but I do not think your personalities on the matter are any better. I Would like to stop posting but I’m only human, as is he, have you people never made mistakes before? Or am I speaking with divine individuals? Either way, I think we need to let this go, all of this is pointless.

  • whocares

    Sorry Clannad Man, but all those faults with the KS project were rather obvious.
    It’s hard to believe you overlooked them all.
    It seemed like a scam to me.

  • edeneast777

    I never though I would see fans of Japanese culture talk in such vulgar ways. I have to admit that all that talk about making him apologize and that he should die sounds like that of a child crying about not being able to go to the amusement park and saying that the person who broke that promise should die. You guys say that he should apologize, but what difference would that have made? I bet you were still planning to say those same vulgar words regardless of whatever words he chose to use. The one thing I don’t get is why he should have to apologize to you guys in the first place, the only people he hurt if at all would be those that belong to companies like Key. I admit that I’m disappointed that the project didn’t go through, but it’s not like I’m going to make a big deal out something that wasn’t even guaranteed to succeed and didn’t.

    • khorne11

      while I completely agree with everything you say, he is in the wrong here, and he shouldn’t mask his apologies so much, but as you said it’s not like it would change anything. Then again a good half, if not majority, of the people here are pre pubescent trolls looking for a laugh, so your words will not reach them.

      • edeneast777

        Well, I’m not trying to say that he shouldn’t apologize, but that the the apology to fans is minor compared to the one he should give to those actually involved.

        • khorne11

          Extremely true, I’m actually not aware if he has returned the funds he has obtained yet, but judging by your comment I see that has yet to happen, I’m sure it is more difficult than it seems in any matter, the only issue with that is if he is now pocketing the money.

          • jakeman95

            If the project you’re backing is successfully funded, your card will be charged when the project reaches its funding deadline. If the project does not reach its funding goal, your card is never charged.

            So worst they’ll see is an authorization against their card, but no actual charge. So no one had actually spent or sent him or anyone any money yet.

          • Actually Kickstarter does not release any money until the end of the KS in question, and it was cancelled before that. Hence he has not obtained any actual money unless there were donations incoming from outside KS.

  • hiding behind my anon face

    I agree it’s unnecessary to tell Steve to die, because he already committed professional suicide.

    Why did you delete your LinkedIn, Steve?

  • khorne11

    Ok, my final comment,
    I would just like to say that I think it is too early to fling insults around, to the people who are sincerely angry at him, give this some time to work out, maybe it’s not as bad as you think, to the people who are not angry at him, well that’s good, but there is no proof that what he did was not malicious, so let’s just wait for that as well. To the trolls, well I shouldn’t judge you if that’s the way you have fun, but I sincerely hope you grow out of it. Sorry if I came off as an ass hole at any times, I’ve been kind of stressed out lately.

    Anyway, good night everyone, let’s just hope this all turns out ok.

  • Shikiller

    Clannad Man intentionally mislead people into thinking he had something to do with the Clannad and LB translation projects when he actually didn’t do shit in order to get money. That’s a scam, no matter how you spin it

    • Kaisos

      No, you don’t -understand-. He did it because he -really loves the Key Kazoku-, see?

      • edeneast777

        Seriously! Just grow up! You keep acting like a spoiled brat. Why are you trying yo make a big deal out of a project that focuses on a company that makes games? It not like it affected you or has anything to really do with you. If you really hate him then stop trolling and visiting this site.

        • Kaisos

          Why would I -not- make a big deal out of somebody misrepresenting his own importance in order to ask for money to go take videos of things that have already been extensively documented, and then when asked to apologize for this, manages to shift the blame to anything but himself?
          Why is that not something to get mad about?

          • khorne11

            It’s not that you should not be mad, it’s just the way you are going about it that isn’t very mature.

          • Kaisos

            I don’t give a rat’s ass about “being mature” in this kind of situation because it’s ultimately of no consequence to me either way.
            Clannad Guy, on the other hand, has his reputation at stake and instead of actually offering a sincere apology, he tried to weasel his way out, refusing to even write the phrase “I’m sorry”.
            I don’t think he’s being very mature.

          • Rokudaime

            He did not shift the blame away from himself, and he apologized a plenty. I was under the impression for a time that you were genuinely (and justifiably of course) angry with him, and suspected him, and weren’t a troll, but now I’m starting to have doubts…I mean, how can you misread the post so badly? He’s apologizing a plenty in his post.

          • Rokudaime

            Also, he said “I offer my sincere apologies”, which is way STRONGER than simply saying “I’m sorry”, so I really have no idea what you’re talking about. If that’s not a sincere apology, then I don’t know what is. Your English seems good, so I’m having a hard time seeing how there can be a language barrier or a lack of reading comprehension that is causing you to interpret his post so wrong, and not see things that are right there, in plain sight…Maybe you just want it to be that way so badly that you see it like that? :-/

          • Kaisos

            He said “I offer my sincere apologies for anyone who may have been affected or adversely affected by the existence of this Kickstarter in any way.”
            That is in no way a real apology. It’s worded in a way that says nothing meaningful; note the lack of specifics. That, and really the whole post is an Apology Plus, where you go “I’m sorry, here’s why I’m not actually at fault”.
            I’m sorry if you can’t see that.
            Additionally, you’ve said time and again that Clannad Gent is “more knowledgeable about KEY than most, including other KEY fans”, but have never offered any examples.
            Care to?

          • Rokudaime

            It’s apologetic enough. He also acknowledges that the fault is his alone, and not Key15th’s, Cloud668’s, Doki’s, or any other group’s. I suppose it’s possible his post could be even more apologetic, but personally I don’t feel he needs to growl. Maybe that’s just me. ┐( ̄_ ̄)┌

            As for examples of his KEY knowledge, well, I’ve picked up on how knowledgeable he is in bits and pieces over the years, from the fact that he’s the guy at Doki that everyone goes to when they have questions about anything KEY related, and he loves to help, and pretty much always has the answer. You know, like, how many copies of this ultra-rare KEY music CD was produced? What are all the differences between all these different versions of these KEY VN’s/soundtracks/artbooks/other KEY products? Where’s the best place to find this KEY item? Who at KEY worked on this particular aspect of this VN? Which locations in Japan were used as inspiration for these scenes in this KEY VN/anime, etc etc etc. You would probably have had to have been around in the Doki community for a long time to know I guess. He’s also posted extensive picture collections and so on, and he made a cool list of all the soundtracks that were ever released under the KEY Sound Label, updating it from time to time of course.

            But, well, uh, don’t take this the wrong way or anything, but there’s no way I’m going to spend ages wading through all the relevant topic posts on the Doki site and on the forums, in order to find specific examples, just so I can post proof to one guy on the internet, as I’m sure you can understand…It’s not like I actually remember exactly where they are after all, especially since he hasn’t been as active since he quit active duty at Doki over a year ago. You’d have to wade through huge amounts of filler text to get to what you (might) be interested in, so I don’t know if you’d really want to do it yourself or not…I’m not sure it’s worth all the trouble…But feel free to have a go if you want…I’ll tell you where to find that soundtrack list topic at least though:


    • edeneast777

      You can’t really scam people on Kickstarter, otherwise anyone get easily get money from there. You don’t have any proof that he “intentionally” mislead people, so please don’t try to make is sound like you do. I do admit that he made it sound like he was leading the translation projects, but thats just a matter of wording and perspective, so it doesn’t really matter in the end. I seriously hate it when people make accusations without any actual facts or proof to back it up.

      • Shikiller

        the proof is in what he wrote and his wording. Even you admit what he did, and it does matter, because he was after credibility for his KS, why would he lie and mislead like that otherwise? Is seriously semantics his only defense?

    • Rokudaime

      I don’t believe it was intentional. And he did lead the re-opening/continuing of the translation efforts for a time, after they were transferred from Baka-Tsuki to Doki.

      • Shikiller

        for 2 months, and he didn’t help any project at all, and Doki never finished those projects.
        You’d have to be extremely dumb to not notice that when he wrote “responsible for leading the English Localization Projects for three Key visual novels (Clannad, Little Busters!, and Tomoyo After)” he worded it in such a way to make it look like he lead those projects, he was crediting himself for things that he didn’t do. He only lead tomoyo after’s TL, but used the same wording to refer to projects he wasn’t related to at all. The guy’s a liar.

        • Rokudaime

          I’m not saying I approve of the way he worded it (I don’t. It’s very misleading). But you said that he didn’t have anything to do with the Clannad and LB translation projects, and that he didn’t do shit. That’s factually and objectively simply not true either. He did. He lead the work on them for a short time after they were transferred from Baka-Tsuki to Doki. I’ll refer you to Delwack’s post about exactly what Clannad Man has contributed with for those projects:

          “•Tomoyo After – Clannad_Man organized and ran the team that constituted Doki’s contribution to the project. (This project was picked up from Baka-Tsuki.)
          •Clannad – Clannad_Man and the Doki team worked with Polarem on Clannad for about two months prior to him retiring. Polarem is also retired at this point. The project is right now in my (Delwack’s) hands. (This project was picked up from Baka-Tsuki)
          •Little Busters – Clannad_Man helped set up and plan our collaboration, and was the liaison between Doki and Fluffy. I (Delwack) had taken over the VN department by the time it was finalized, though he continued to act as a liaison.”

          Saying that he didn’t help any project at all is just a blatant lie. Also, “Doki never finished those projects” makes it sound like Doki started on them but never delivered. That’s not true either. They’re still actively working on them (together with Team Fluffy). They shouldn’t be credited for it before they’ve actually released their patches though, of course. But they HAVE released a patch for Tomoyo After! Don’t forget that!

  • raptuz

    Grow up, people. There’s a more professional way of lynching a person than whining for his death. (Seriously?) This isn’t a CoD or LoL message board.

    • edeneast777

      All I can say to you is “No Life.” If you don’t have anything decent to say, than don’t say anything at all. People like you cause others to commit suicide.

    • Rokudaime

      Way to twist people’s words…I read your whole blog post with a sincere mindset, but the majority of it to me seems like blatant lies, twisting around what CM actually said, and just plain rubbish…I’m dissapointed in you…The way I see it, he did apologize, and he did explain things, and he did adress all the necessary issues. He may be incompetent, and a bit of a fool (and I admit, he does have a bit of an ego), but I don’t for a moment belive that his intentions were malicious. I’ve known him for a long time at Doki, and the guy sincerely loves to spread the word of KEY, and help people with KEY related questions. He’s a nice, friendly, and helpful guy. He also possesses way above average knowledge about KEY and all their products, even among other KEY fans.

  • Sanchi

    I agree that the snarky comments are getting out of hand and aren’t the greatest representation of those against this Kickstarter. But we’ve been repeating the same arguments, over and over, and they fall on deaf ears.

    Not a scam you say?
    Original production materials mean exactly what the name suggests: goods used in the production of a piece of media. [...] in other words, they are not replica photocopies, but actually the ones used in studio. Some materials may have bends, wrinkles, or fading due to the amount of use received in production, though many appear crisp.
    How did you get your hands on all these “original” copies? Please clarify. These things are mass produced and you can get a set for a few bucks on YAJ. If they fall in the latter category, your explanation is clearly misleading.
    Also that Little Busters! Analog Collector’s Edition in the $750 tier reward you can find for around $50 right now, and that Key 10th Memorial Score in the $1000 around $15. As a ~noted Key fan~ he should know how much these items are worth, and yet still phrase it as if they’re worth a lot more. If that’s not a scam I don’t know what is.

    It doesn’t matter if he had all the good intention in the world. The fact is that he was reselling copyrighted works and using the trademarked Key logo for monetary gain and didn’t even realize it was the wrong thing to do. That’s not even on the level of an amateurish mistake. It shows that he’s nothing but incompetent and shouldn’t be trusted with $20k of the fans’ money, and everyone who’s still supporting him should seriously think their actions through.

  • hahha

    So did you get some kind of sick pleasure out of calling the guy “baby”?

  • edeneast777

    Alright, the man made a mistake, now move on. Complaining and insulting isn’t going to get you a thing. If anything, you guys are just making everyone else feel worse.

  • edeneast777

    …coming from the person who’s username is linked to

  • karitai

    I’m not gonna really bash you or anything, because I think those guys who supported this kickstarter project is really really really dumb and really really naive. I mean, it’s obviously scam. When I first saw the project page, I thought “Hey, it’s quite interesting” but when I read more about it, it just sounded like “I want to go to Japan to make this “documentary” of Key, so please gimme your moneyz.” “And for donating our project, we’ll give you Madoka and Haruhi stuffz.”
    I was like… “WHAT?” They’re not even giving Key related stuff, that’s really strange considering that it’s KEY related project. Of course, I am indeed interested if someday there will be documentaries regarding Key and such, but I just won’t entrust my money to those suspicious fund-raising guys.

    Of course, if I was Vava the Boss, I would feel rather uneasy to have those “fans” who rob money under “Key” name. Especially now we’re dealing with Copyright Infringement too.
    “This is Key related project, and I’ll give you Goddoka figure if you gimme money.” In this case, Key could be accused of scamming the foolish fans and breaking the copyright of Meguca.

    I have mixed feelings about this disclosure, though. I really want to see the documentaries, but I’m glad that this silly drama is done for.

    FYI, I read someone’s blog like 3 years ago. She’s a fan of Durarara! and she went to Ikebukuro with HER OWN MONEY to take pictures similar to the background images used in the anime. There was also someone who was a fan of ARIA and she used HER OWN MONEY to go to Venice to compare the location in the anime and in real life.

    Yeah, it’ll cost a fortune to go like that, but if you really are a true fan, do it. If you can’t, don’t use someone else’s money. Just weep in the corner, dimwit.

  • ダメ人間

    comedy gold

  • Clannadman pls stop

    Please, for the love of God, disappear forever from the internet Clannadman. In just a few short days you have done more damage to the KEY fanbase than any other individual from any fanbase in history. As another described it on a separate blog: “it’s like the Human Torch trying to put out a forest-fire.”

    DO NOT start up this kickstarter or any other like it ever again. You’ll be lucky to escape any legal action Visual Arts may take at this point. This is an absolute disaster that the KEY community will be recovering from for years. The best thing you can do for the “Key Kazoku” right now is get as far away from it as possible, before you bring them all down with your sinking ship.

    • khorne11

      after mulling over this for quite a while, I must admit I agree. I think Clannad Man is a great person, I do not believe he was trying to scam anyone, he was just trying to do too many things to quickly, and that led to… well, this. I really hope we can get the chance to talk with him again, but for right now, I would say the best move would be him just taking a break from the community.

  • Clannad Man pls stop

    Whether he was trying to scam anyone intentionally or not isn’t really the issue because in the end that’s what happened. Whether he’s the worlds greatest KEY fan, or the nicest guy in history have nothing to do with what he did.

    Now the whole thing about the production materials is really the meat of this debacle. If those aren’t the real deal, and he knows about it, it proves that he intentionally lied to get money.

    The thing that irks me the most is the way everything is worded. I know kastel wrote an article that makes Clannad Man look like some sort of political genius, but I find it far more likely that He is nothing more than delusional fanatic. I think He wanted to go through with this project so badly that he rationalized scamming people under the guise of “helping the community”. He may not have realized that he was doing it. That’s why the whole thing is worded in a way that seems like he is trying to trivialize his guilt in the matter. It’s a form of subconscious deception known as minimization. It’s not political spin to make himself look better, it’s cognitive spin to make himself feel better. Basically, this whole post is a massive wall of denial. He knows he’s done something bad because people are mad at him, but he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. A good example of this would be his strangely positive spin on Vava’s condemnation of his project.

  • alexskc

    Sooo… Key/Visual Arts was refusing to get adopted in the US because the US market is really scary/confusing and there’s always drama surrounding it.

    Clannad Man does a kickstarter for a documentary about “locations from Key works”. Drama Ensues, and we end up bringing it to them anyways.

    Good luck getting Visual Arts to ever touch the western market again.

    Regardless of good intentions, or bad intentions, or even how all this turns out, this’ll leave the worst possible first impression of western Key fans. Clannad Man has become our “representative” no matter how much everyone wants him not to be.

    That, in my mind, will be the worst shit to come of all this.

  • Sathelys

    He apologized enough guys, you’re being ridiculous. Go ahead and believe it was a scam, but i know for a fact that Clannad Man would NEVER intentionally do anything to harm the community. Since he in fact did, that’s terrible luck for us, but i see no reason to bash him for it. He honestly made mistakes. Shit happens.

    • edeneast777

      He did apologize. Trolls are just trying to troll by saying that he didn’t “properly” apologize. The fact is that an apology is an apology. There’s no proof that it was a scam, people (mainly Bloggers) are just twisting words around to make it seem like a scam. People are just making assumptions based on what they’ve heard or read, which is useless. Only those that were actually “involved” should be making any statements about CM. I bet some troll will try replying to me saying that i’m an idiot and that he didn’t apologize and that it is a scam.

      • Wut

        He lied to get money, that is a scam. What do you think a scam is?

        “”Original production materials mean exactly what the name suggests: goods used in the production of a piece of media. [...] in other words, they are not replica photocopies, but actually the ones used in studio. Some materials may have bends, wrinkles, or fading due to the amount of use received in production, though many appear crisp.”
        How did you get your hands on all these “original” copies? Please clarify. These things are mass produced and you can get a set for a few bucks on YAJ. If they fall in the latter category, your explanation is clearly misleading.
        Also that Little Busters! Analog Collector’s Edition in the $750 tier reward you can find for around $50 right now, and that Key 10th Memorial Score in the $1000 around $15. As a ~noted Key fan~ he should know how much these items are worth, and yet still phrase it as if they’re worth a lot more. If that’s not a scam I don’t know what is.”

        If you don’t think this was a scam you must be the incredibly stupid type who always falls for them. Calling everyone a troll doesn’t make you immune to being wrong.

        • edeneast777

          Thank you for proving my point, you did make a comment against me and call me stupid. What did he lie about? I only saw bad wording. The statement you used is only a “if” situation in the case if he does have the original production materials or not, which doesn’t prove that its a scam. As for the rewards, he already admitted making a mistake with posting them. Since you mentioned the value of the said rewards I assume you have proof that the items are worth that much. So please give me links or official text that state those values. You say that i’m “Calling everyone a troll,” please show me where i said everyone here was a troll. I was only talking to trolls directly. I have never fallen for a scam, nor has anyone in my family. You don’t need to be smart or stupid to fall for a scam and thats been true for many people.

        • meneldal

          “In addition, the backer will also receive a signed Extended Edition Documentary DVD / ‘REBIRTH’ CD and have an opportunity to suggest to us a location to include in the documentary. Prime seating for any presentations conducted by the Clannad Man at Anime North 2014 will also be provided (travel costs not included).”
          First the reward doesn’t only include the little busters collector edition you’re mentioning and of course he isn’t going to sell a reward as the same price it cost him. High rewards on kickstarter aren’t really cost effective usually, the added content isn’t worth the price most of the time but it’s made for people who want to support the project not make a good deal.
          If I had the money for some projects that I really liked I would buy the highest tiers because I think the projects are worth it and I want the projects to become real.

        • Sathelys

          Um… Sorry but I’d like some sources for a $15 copy of the 10th memorial score. That’s impossible.

          • Rokudaime

            Ye, I call bullshit on this one as well…Only a few hundred of these were ever made…There is no way you could find one at such a low price…

  • Sathelys

    Honestly, when I first read this post I thought that, when I read the comments, I’d find naught but support. How incredibly naive of me. I’ve been doing some reading around, and I think I understand the situation now. I don’t claim to know CM to the extent that others affiliated with this website probably do, and I haven’t even talked to him personally outside of a brief conversation at Anime North 2013, but from what I do know about him I can still say (after ALL of this ridiculous drama) that he is much too great a key fan to ever consider scamming the community. Personally, I think there are a lot of people who are simply over-analyzing the situation simply because they don’t know him. I understand that. Your anger is probably justified. Expecially those who feel he was misleading. If you didn’t know him, OF COURSE it would be misleading. It’s called research. You can look the guy up, if you really want to understand his ambitions (though I’ll admit the bit with the rewards, though an honest mistake, is worthy to be upset about).

    Anyway, most of the opinions I’ve seen are that CM is a liar, a scammer, and entirely unqualified to lead the KS project. The latter is probably true. Where I think the previous two are coming from is probably the chat that was posted whereby CM tried to defend himself. That was a complete disaster. There were essentially several individuals (at least 5) all asking him questions at the same time, then getting upset when he couldn’t answer all of them at once. They made some interesting points, yes, but he was never given a real opportunity to defend himself. They essentially boiled it down to him ignoring the whole lot of them, since he could only ever answer one question at a time–like any normal person.

    Don’t any of you have a shred of empathy? Aren’t we all fans of key, here? Should we not, then, at least understand that the man is probably under a LOT of pressure right now? These horrible comments aren’t helping. He MESSED UP. He messed up a LOT. YES, BUT if you’ve learned ANYTHING from being a fan of key works, don’t ostracize the poor guy.

    All I can say is that I’m incredibly disappointed. I thought our community was above this.

    • khorne11

      That’s pretty much my stance, I couldn’t concentrate in class at all because, quite honestly, I was worried about him. I really hope this isn’t getting to him, or at least that much. But this is already dying down and it’s only been a matter of days, hopefully this will all just be a thing of the past.

    • Rokudaime

      Such an inspiring post! Well said! I agree wholeheartedly! There are too few people around like you, unfortunately…Sigh…

    • Wut

      @Sathelys Stop making excuses for his mistakes you’re only making him look worse.

      A judge doesn’t need to know the life story of the person he sentences to jail. He only needs to know the relevant circumstances, which in this case are plain as day on the kickstarter page to see.

      Your entire argument boils down to:
      1. He’s a really nice guy! He would never try to scam anyone!
      (It’s not like nice people ever scam anyone right?)

      2. You should feel bad about blaming him, because we all make mistakes!
      ( I accidentally killed your wife, but hey everyone makes mistakes right?)

      The one thing you did get right is calling yourself naive. Read this before you make yourself look stupid again.

      • edeneast777

        Sathelys hasn’t said anything that would make CM look worse, but you have. Reading that link is useless since that site is not official and was created by a few random people, which states their opinions.

        • Wut

          That is not an opinion, that is a rule of logic. No matter where you look it up fundamentally it is the same.

          By defending Clannad man with weak logic he did make him look worse, since appealing to one’s emotions is usually something children do to get their way. It makes his defense of Clannad man look like a nave temper tantrum.

      • Sathelys

        I wasn’t making an argument. Twist my words like you twisted his, if you so desire.

    • The Last Melody

      Would you look at that, in between all the trolls, there do exist decent people. And honestly, I too was that naive. I really thought most of the KEY community would have learned enough from their VNs to know that bashing doesn’t really help anything. I truly believe Clannad Man had good intentions, but as previously stated, just in more than he could chew off. Let us hope that he will someday return.

      • Holo

        Most of these trolls trolling C_M aren’t even Key fans. They’re just here because they’re trolls. They do not represent what the Key community is like.

  • grisaia

    Thanks for making the Key western fandom look like lunatics to Key, clannadman.

    • khorne11

      And comments like that make us look like a bunch of ass holes… the best way to fix this is to just move on, being a dick won’t help anyone.

  • arika

    Thank you, Clannad Man. Key never intended to make any localization because the outside world is so scary. Now you’re traumatizing them even more. The next Key game will have “NO GAIJIN ALLOWED” all over the cover. Thank you very much, Clannad Man. You truly are the best Key fan.

  • I appreciate your transparency at this time. You did fuck up, but I think the community’s reaction here is just as bad.

    My only problem with this post is that it was posted here, of all places. I feel like you shouldn’t be posting a personal apology letter using the Key15th website like it’s your own blog. This has nothing to do with the Key15th Letter Project.

    • khorne11

      That’s a good point, but I think he just wanted his words to reach people, if he even has a blog, which I don’t think he does, people don’t know about it, so this was the only option he had really.

    • Clannad Man

      Hello Aspirety. Good to hear from you.

      This seemed like the most appropriate place for a post since the effort was intended to be an extension of Key15th. I ran my intentions to make this post by Cloud668 and he was fine with it.

  • Clannad Man

    Now that all affected individuals have had ample time to review this post, I’m going to add an addendum.

    Let me make this very clear: I am not in the least bit ashamed of my intent to make the documentary a reality. Oh, my mistakes doled me a hell of a lot of embarrassment, I’ll give you that. I fell flat on my face and was forced to be introspective, disregarding any pride I had. I received a wake up call that I can only take on so many responsibilities at a given time. An effort such as this should require one’s full attention, a level which I was unable to provide. In the end, it is for the best that the documentary was cancelled since time constraints forced the effort to be rushed. I feel a lot worse about letting people down who wanted the project to succeed than by ‘angering’ a handful of those who have chosen to turn this into a game for their own entertainment.

    I chose to own up to my mistakes and use the situation as a learning experience. Most people realize this. No one was harmed, and no one was taken advantage of. None of the project backers have indicated that they believe I had any malicious intent; to those who had questions, I have made sure they have been answered and resolved.

    To any of the lingering trolls and misguided malcontents: You’ve done a fantastic job of twisting my words and intentions to meet your modus operandi. Two weeks ago you couldn’t have cared less about me (or Key, for that matter), so your devotion to my slandering is commendable. However, if you think that your distasteful public shaming is going to cause me to hide or cower, you’d be wrong. Furthermore, if you’re looking for an apology outside of the one I already provided, you’re going to be rather disappointed.

    I’m perfectly content allowing my actions, past, present, and future, determine the trust people have in me. I don’t seek out the approval of strangers nor do I see them as a gauge of personal success. What I do, I do the best that I can. Those that are close to me know my values and support my ambitions, and with that, I am at peace.

    Enjoy your manufactured drama. I don’t intend to take part.

  • Shikiller

    Where’s the japanese version you promised Vava? are you ever going to respond to the allegations that you didn’t really lead?
    You might have driven Key away from the western market forever, you are the worst Key fan ever

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