Submission to the anthology is closed.

The wiki is currently closed; submissions have been saved.

We will have more news in the coming weeks.

Submissions Are Now Accepted!

It’s been a little more than a month since the project was announced, and even though it took a little longer than I expected, I am happy to announce that we are now taking submissions! As reported in our last post, we were deciding between using MediaWiki or Shimmie, and after some evaluations, we decided to go with using a MediaWiki installation to accept and host the submissions. With the help of a couple extensions, we were able to create a simple, standardized submission process that should make it easy for anyone to submit something.

We are now accepting messages, letters, and images (fan art, cosplay, etc.) over at our Submission Wiki. Registration is not required for submissions, but it is highly recommended as it helps with user identification and allows for email notifications. It is, however, required for file uploads. To provide a few examples, some of the messages and images submitted to the Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project have been uploaded to the submission wiki. Please read the criteria first before submitting something. Note that although we do accept video submissions, we are still working out the guidelines/criteria for that aspect of the project, and video uploads are not currently allowed on the wiki. If you have any questions about submitting something, please leave a comment here or join us on IRC.

We do not have a set date for when we will stop accepting submissions, which will last until January at the earliest, and probably longer than that. At the end of the submission phase, we will collect these fan submissions to the best of our capacity into a yearbook and DVD, which we will print and send to Key and related publishers on Key’s 15th anniversary next year. As a huge fan of Key, I personally ask you to please take a moment to voice your appreciation to Key and its staff members, and help showing them the extent of its fan base outside of Japan.

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