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Project Wafuu and Kinniku Project Joins the Key15th Project!

Wafuu, fellow Kagikko! It’s only been a few days since the project’s reveal, but there are already a few developments that I would like to announce.

It is my pleasure to announce that Project Wafuu  has joined the Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project as a participants alongside the rest of the team! I would also like to announce that, following discussions with Aspirety, the Kinniku Project‘s goal of creating a video love letter to promote muscles awareness of the western Key and Little Busters! fandom has been absorbed into the Key15th project. In order to ensure the project’s original aims will be fulfilled, Aspirety will provide substantial input to the Key15th project, and will continue to oversee the creation of the video.

Stay tuned for more announcements, and join us at #key15th on Rizon!

2 comments to Project Wafuu and Kinniku Project Joins the Key15th Project!

  • Seems like it going to be big project. I’m going to promote it among as many polish people as I can, because there is a many key-lovers in our country, and if you success in convincing them to selling these games in, for example, America, then we can buy them either. If, not, then we just express our gratitude for these great stories. I wish you good luck with project!

  • minuore

    Welcome Project Wafuu~
    Although I do not actively participate in events, but for Key, I will definitely spread this to my friends and support this project with passion.
    Go go Key Fans!!

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