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Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project Announced!

Greetings, fellow Kagikko! If you have somehow gotten to this page, then chances are that you already have a basic idea of what this project is about, but allow me to explain a little further.

On July 21, 2013, Key will celebrate its 15th anniversary since its foundation in 1998. This event will no doubt be well-celebrated by Key and its fans in Japan… but what about fans abroad? In hopes of being able to express our appreciation of Key as non-Japanese fans, as well as to show Key that they have a fan base outside of Japan, some of us at Doki, Fluffy, the Air TL team, and Amaterasu Translations decided that we will send Key a fan letter on its 15th anniversary.

The Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project is the result of this simple wish. Throughout the next year, we wish to collect as many fan messages and illustrations addressed to Key as possible, and would like to compile these together into a letter in English, before translating the letter and select messages into Japanese, and sending the letter and illustration collection to Key on its 15th anniversary. In order to achieve this, we would like to invite other fans of Key to submit messages and illustrations, and help us to create this letter.

Some of you may remember that there was a previous attempt, the Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project, back in 2009. If you made a message or illustration (or cosplay) submission for the project, please be assured that all submissions have been saved, and will be included as part of this project.

As discussions are still under way, we have not yet determined how we will collect the submissions. Please stay tuned for updates on the website and join us at We will announce the submission method and other details at a later date.


38 comments to Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project Announced!

  • Ssoele

    Sounds awesome!
    I really like a lot of the shows they make, I’ll try to make some sort of letter or something.

  • Frediloc

    Would pictures of other art, like sculptures for example, be acceptable?

  • You have my sword! I’ve posted about the project on my blog, asking all of my Kinniku Project supporters to pool their efforts here. I hope to continue working on the video!

  • Rabla

    And my bow!

    I was going to be in Kinniku Project already but I would of jumped on this whether I was there or not.

    I’ll make sure to spread this wherever possible.

  • I reckon this is how I would do it,

    - Create a PDF template that ppl can print out on an A4 sheet of paper (usage is OPTIONAL)
    - Provide ultra-simple instructions (i.e. How to send a letter to Visual Arts HQ + addressing who)
    - Get fans to HANDWRITE their letter in English (or their own foreign language)
    - Ask them to include printout of a JP translation in their envelope (they can get free translation by volunteers on this site)
    - Include examples of things that can be sent, e.g SEE BOTTOM…
    - DE-emphasize strict format requirement. Not everyone can draw.
    - Ask everyone to send their letters at the same time.

    Most people dont draw and they don’t cosplay, but that doesnt mean their voices can’t be heard. There is no limit to what they can or cannot put in their letter. Don’t do central management, youre limiting the things that can be sent. If ppl want to send their Michael Jackson autographed memorabilia, then so be it. Dont emphasis that it has to be a Certain-Format (e.g. fan art), bcuz ppl’s imagination will be stunted, also you’re putting up too high a barrier of entry which is just turning ppl away. Dont bother with trying to filter out the best messages, just ask ppl to send directly to VA HQ, bcuz ppl are not interested in having their message filtered cuz It-Wasn’t-Good-Enough (or their art sucked). Emphasize individual autonomy. A few hundred of these letters would be more effective than one lump sum package. It’s NOT the art. It’s not even the message. It’s the numbers. because numbers equals VOICE. Online creations is fine, but it doesn’t turn heads.

    Put up photo examples on the site to show ppl what they can send:
    e.g. RL photos. RL photos of famous landmarks (e.g. Opera House), RL photos of their otaku rooms, RL Photos of “purchases”, candy from a specialty shop, $20 note, toys, CDs, tapes, autographed goods, seashells from a local beach, Tshirts, accessories, local coins, etc, or nothing at all. Basically anything that you are willing to PART with that you prefer the Staff at VA to use (bcuz that is how much u value them). Of course, u can include fan art, cosplay photos etc.

    This is money-bomb in concept but it’s letters. I.e. a LetterBomb

    • Cloud668

      Fans may also send individual letters (and possibly leave a note here), of course. I will discuss this method of participation with the other participants.

      We are right now considering to compile and print the messages and illustrations in yearbook-style, which will potentially increase awareness and avoid the letters being simply dumped into Key’s fan letter bin. There are still some additional goals being worked out by the participating groups, which will potentially be included in the main book.

  • How can I forget!

    Forgot to mention. scantily-dressed gravure self-shot with caption: ‘Maeda-san Aishiteiru!’

    … but i guess he receives enough of those already from JP fangirls…

  • ArcherEmiya24

    And my Axe!
    Sounds awesome. I’m up for letter and some other stuff I’m able to do when the plan of action is revealed. Interested in the variety that will be valid to add. Hope to have more info about this soon.

  • ArcherEmiya24

    Also, I think Aaeru has a really strong point. It will do a really stronger impact to have lots of numbers sending all the stuff and not just one big lump. That way all fans can really express themselves without having their submissions discarded for whatever reason.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sympathetic to the cause, but I fail to see this being worth the effort. Key has in fact become more aware that those in the West care? So were they happy, thrilled, etc? No, they decided to go out of their way to try and make it so their games (most noticeably Rewrite) could only be played in Japan with DRM designed with that purpose in mind as well as making it clear with comments that they did not wish to see their games played outside of the country.

    • Cloud668

      One of the goals of the project is to tell Visual Art’s, Key’s publisher, that people in the Western countries are not collectively against their games and industry, which seems to be a common viewpoint since the RapeLay fiasco back in 2009 (as can be seen from the letter Minori had on their website’s 403). A collection of letters (and also individual letters, as Aaeru suggested) can potentially lead Visual Art’s to reconsider their standpoint.

  • Rokudaime

    Great idea! Count me in! Keyfags BANZAI!! ↖(^∀^)↗

  • Sounds awesome. I’ll certainly contribute to this project. :-)

  • Madoka

    This is a great idea, i most certainly will be contributing in any way i can to this (considering i brought all of keys games and anime its kind a thing that i love them all).
    I will try making some sketches sometime, though i could write endlessly in letters of how much i love their work and how i adore them.

  • You had me at hello, what an awsome way to show our respect for such a great company.

    I’ll keep an eye on this proyect and, for now it’s already on our blog:

    Maybe we’re not a ginormous community or whatever, but we’ll gladly participate and promote this proyect by all means possible, namely our blog, web radio and magazine.

    Luckly our fansub is planning the release of Angel Beats! and, when the time comes, Little Busters! sooo… the party will also be in spanish.

    Good luck and you have all our support, little as it may be. X3

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really understand why fansubbers are doing this.. What are you gonna say? “Hello, we are the people that make your work available for pirating worldwide”?

    • This has nothing to do with the fansubbing and translating and all that.

      This is us, the fans, showing Key and Visual Arts that we exist here in the West.

    • Madoka

      As Rabia said this is nothing to do with Fansubbing, if you are a Person who loves anime (not just Key) and alike most of us who purchase our anime, you will know Key anime are infact licensed for distribution in the US (though im UK i still import them), point being this alone is enough to say you like Key and there work!
      Otherwise many people play visual novels as myself, and purchase them (i own and can prove so- Little Busters, Rewrite, Clannad, Kanon Memorial edition, still havent got my hands on Air yet sadly), point being, yes some rely on patches but some can play these games without english, it wont kill people to pick up a book and study some Nihongo – there for do i sound like im a pirate? I own all there animes and can gladdy put pictures of me with em, i own visual novels of theirs… therefor im not saying im a pirate to them, im saying i love there work and here is proof!
      Like Rabia said, its us as fans in the West showing to Key and everyone else within Visual Arts they have a large fan base of dedicated fans who exist over in the west not just the east, its as simple as that really :) We expressing our gratitude as customers, viewers and gamers of there products.

      • Amen to that. Hopefully, this will clean a little the image that some people (Like Midori and that messages to foreigners)have about western audiences and even if it doesn’t, it’s a way to show our respect and apretiation for their awsome work, that by itself it’s enough.

  • Oh, this is awesome!
    I already said to Aspirety I will help with the Kinniku Project, but in this way I think more people will join.
    The same way I did with Kinniku Project, I will spread the word about the conmemorative anniversary letter in our spanish blog, koi-nya:

    On the other hand, I can share my experience of a similar project in which I participed some time ago, an Anniversary/Appreciation Fanbook for CLAMP’s 20th anniversary which was coordinated throught LiveJournal and in which several countries take part. I was one of the editors for Spain and the final fanbook was a great success CLAMP themselves loved.

    I will give all my might to support the Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project! I’m sure our feelings will as well reach Key ^^

  • Dizzyworld2

    I’ve been following this site since it opened and I gotta say, this is an amazing idea! I hope that the project becomes a success *u*

    However, I’m wondering if there is a restriction on the limit for the amount of illustrations that each person can submit O:

    • Madoka

      Good question i wouldn’t mind knowing the answer to aswell ^^
      im not the best at drawing but i can pull a few decent ones here and there (and i can write forever on how i love them in letter mode xD).

  • Some Guy

    I’m terrible at drawing and other forms of art, but I would gladly write a fanletter if you guys will be collecting them. :)

    I would also be happy to donate $$$ if it has a use for the project – if we can show the east our interest in their media, maybe it will lead to more accessible content outside of Japan. :)

  • mhsu

    I noticed this PJ on some Facebook fanpage :)
    And I has a question: how Key Fanclub of other countries participate? such as Chinese, Arabic, v.v I think we should celebrate to make signature of all community fan Key in various countries into this letter.
    Sorry for bad English :)

  • Anon

    Key doesn’t want anything to do with you. Please don’t spam them with letters.

  • I’m pretty sure Key staff realized they do have a sizable fanbase outside of Japan, although probably not the magnitude of it. That said, the project is quite interesting to drive the point straight to Baba, Visual’s Arts president, who still have a certain apprehension towards western fans playing their VN (that “JAPAN ONLY” tweet answers towards some people who have bought Rewrite was a letdown). Of course, it is hard to tell if they are really that concerned about ethic “issue” (same excuse used by Minori) or if something else is behind that (most likely).

    Suffice to say, I agree with Aaeru on the point that fanarts and letters alone shouldn’t be the only way to convey support and passion for their franchise, as, let’s face it, they would rather want more “potential customers” than just foreigners liking their stuff.
    So if some people managed to get legit copies of their VN, that should probably be added as well, in order to show some fans’ efforts.

    • Madoka

      Well i own legit copies of Little Busters and Rewrite if they are worth adding, i was thinking a adding a picture of them along with the anime under keys name (Air,Kanon,Clannad,Clannad Afterstory, Angel Beats, Air Motion Picture, Clannad Motion Picture) all of which i own in, just sort of saying ‘we do purchase your goods’ i also got a few bits and ends merchandise wise i guess. Im realistic in thinking key want customers, they are a business at the end of the day so i think its nice to show them we are customers not pirates and that we are also fans, because fans are the customers. If nothing comes of it i think its ok, as long as we convey the message the west does have a huge fan base around key even if we aren’t noticed much by them, its just letting them know no matter what we love there work and if nothing else keep up the great work :D
      But thats just my personal message i wish to convey :D

    • Cloud668

      Fan art and letters aren’t the only types of submissions allowed.

  • Madoka

    i wondered, would it be to plain and boring to show of your key merchandise in a photo or something alike?
    I own all key animes and all there recent visual novels (i say all but really its little busters and rewrite lol) but i also got some other bits hanging around, i wondered would it be pointless with these? It was just a passing thought i had to show support of us (whilst proving to the trolls some of us don’t pirate our way through life) so the idea might be pointless, just thought it was worth bringing up.

  • maoni

    I am already working on something for this!! :)

    But a quick question before I get too far ahead, will fluent J speakers be translating the English stuff and/or proofreading the Japanese stuff? I am writing a letter in Japanese, but I would like a culturally fluent person to mistly proof it when I’m done, since I don’t want to sound rude in a Japanese sense. I’m not a great writer, but I have a dictionary and want anyone there who might read it to understand (better them struggle to read my elementary japanese and feel pity than struggle to read my english and feel dumb, i think?).

    Also, would it be possible to buy a copy of this book when it’s done, assuming it’ll be printed at a shop? I would love to have a copy of it. :)

  • This sounds awesome which contributing visual style ,themes with variety…very interesting and wonderful way to show appreciation,Hope to have more info about this soon.Great post

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